Bioware’s new IP is beautiful and very Destiny-esque

“Project Dylan” has finally been revealed yesterday and today we have had the first gameplay trailer. Since it is still early days and the gameplay (well, banter most of all) is just an artificially created slice for you to enjoy, we will not be praising the game’s look and feel, but do check out the trailer.

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The trailer seems to suggest that you can team up with up to four friends and go explore a very impressive-looking (lush is the word that comes to mind) open world. You wear your exo-suits and do a bit of flying, running and jumping around in a sci-fi world of which very little is known at the time. The suits are known as Javelins, and they seem to be the main point of tinkering for players, with a promised variety of models and play styles. It can already be seen how the suits will play some part in potential microtransactions economy, but one can hope that Bioware and EA have learned from the mistakes of others.

Unfortunately, there was no real story talk. It is quite obvious from the trailer that there will be quests, but it is unknown if this will be primarily co-op experience or it will be possible (and fun) to play alone, through some form of single-player campaign. After Destiny launch with very little content and story, it remains a fear with games that are attempting something similar. Bioware has always been known for their stories – hopefully they will show us something interesting at some other date, as the game is not slated for release until some time in 2018.

The general feeling among the fans of Bioware seems to be “if only this team worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda”. Let us hope that they will manage to win back some goodwill with Anthem.