AC Origins Battle for the Nile Main Quest - Defend Caesar Mission Bug

Battle of the Nile is a main quest in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Unfortunately, the Defend Caesar mission in Battle of the Nile quest has a game-breaking bug which prevents completing the section and locks players into the mission. It’s a huge problem, because this mission has to be completed to beat the game, and it comes after hours of gameplay. So, we’ve put together this guide to help you complete the Defend Caesar mission and Battle for the Nile AC Origins main quest.

AC Origins Battle for the Nile Main Quest - Defend Caesar Mission Bug
AC Origins Battle for the Nile Main Quest – Defend Caesar Mission Bug

How to Fix Defend Caesar Quest Bug in AC: Origins?

The bug in question often begins the players with no arrows and only one spear, rendering the mission impossible. One thing that might work is to reload the quest, if you can. To do this, go into the menu, select the quest tab and find the Battle for the Nile quest. Then, hit the button that reloads the quest objective. If that doesn’t work, you can try leaving the game on until it eventually respawns you with unlimited arrows and spears, as it’s supposed to.The mission itself is pretty simple. Shoot the soldiers chasing you on horses, until the war elephant comes crashing in. Caesar can handle the driving. Pelt the elephant with arrows and spears until you reach the end of the mission and the cutscene starts playing.

Kill Pothinus in the Fenced Area

Run over to the quest marker, and you’ll enter the fenced-off arena where you’ll be fighting Pothinus on a war elephant. The gate will close behind you, cutting off any chance to escape. There are several things that you can do to beat this battle. For one, arm yourself with the best legendary weapons you have. Also, you should use the adrenaline attack whenever it’s available. In the meantime, you can do damage from a distance with a strong bow. The elephant’s rear is a weak spot; if you can get behind it, you can deal some serious melee damage. Don’t get greedy and let the elephant gore you when it turns around. When the elephant falls, the Kill Ponthius mission will be over.

Reach the Village & Kill Septimius

Simply follow the quest marker to reach the tent where Septimius is waiting for you. You can help some of the soldiers in battle, or just rush over towards the boss. Septimius will come at you with a sword on a chain and a long flail, both of which cover quite a bit of ground around him. The best strategy to defeat him is to make sure you have a Legendary bow on you. Open the battle with the adrenaline special attack, then keep your distance and pelt the boss with arrows. Be especially wary of his dual-twirling move.
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    I’ve got the Legendary Fire Scepter so I’m good with the bosses, they were exceptionally easy to beat so I reccomend to finish the camps and enemy posts to get the rewards from th Captains and Commanders to get them good weapons and also kill the Phylakes

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