AC Origins Fallen Friend Papyrus Puzzle Solution

Fallen Friend papyrus puzzle in AC Origins starts in Memphis, an area for characters level 20 and above. This zone is in the eastern part of the continent, close to the starting zone. The spot with the prize is not far from the location where you find the scroll. This guide is going to show you the AC Origins Fallen Friend papyrus puzzle solution, as well as where to find the scroll in the Temple of Ptah.

AC Origins Fallen Friend Papyri Puzzle
Fallen Friend Papyrus Puzzle

Papyrus Puzzle Location – Temple of Ptah

You can find the papyrus puzzle scroll in the northwestern part of the Temple of Ptah. This is the part of the compound that has a large pond, where the garden is situated. The papyrus you need to find is just under a green foliage canopy, on a wooden table with a small chair.

Fallen Friend Riddle Solution

Description: Two men stand guard on the Memphis eastern canal. The south one looks solemnly at his sunken friend. If you follow his gaze, you can find him and me on the river floor.

The first part of the riddle reveals what part of Memphis we should focus on without a doubt. If you are still in the Temple of Ptah, head east toward the water and follow it. The two men mentioned in the scroll are actually two large statues. They are just next to the two white towers at the start of the canal leading to the temple. This kind of statue was common in ancient Egypt. They usually served as guardians of towers and gates.

The “sunken friend” is a clear hint that our mark is located underwater. Luckily for us, there is a sunken ship nearby, with its mast sticking out above the water. Head to this location and dive in. You should spot a sunken statue just west from the ship’s main mast, hidden next to the foliage with a pile of wooden boards next to it. This is your goal.

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