AC Origins Papyrus Puzzle Solutions - Elementary, My Dear Bayek Trophy

Papyrus puzzles are difficult riddles in Assassin’s Creed Origins. The puzzle begins when you find a piece of papyrus hidden in one of the game’s many locations. They’re not hard to find, since scouting the area from a vantage points reveals where they are. Once you’ve found the scroll, you’ll be presented with a riddle – this is the hard part. There’s no quest marker to lead you to the solution, so you’ll have to figure it out yourself. If previous games are anything to go by, solving them all will reward you with a Master Assassin outfit. Once you’ve cracked the first one, you’ll unlock the Elementary, My Dear Bayek achievement. If you get stuck, you will find hints further down, in our AC Origins papyrus puzzle solutions guide.

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ac origins papyrus puzzle solutions elementary my dear bayek
AC Origins Papyrus Puzzle Solutions – Elementary, My Dear Bayek Trophy

How to solve papyrus riddles?

Solving a papyrus riddle is a process that takes time and effort. When you find a scroll, open up your inventory, and look for it under “papyri” (they’re in the top right corner). When you move the cursor over it, you’ll see the text of the riddle. It’ll tell you where to go, but in a really vague way. Oftentimes, it’ll point you towards major landmarks, like statues, temples or pyramids. Your first task is to figure out the approximate location based on the landmarks mentioned or referenced in the riddle.

Once you’re there, open the scroll again and examine it. The rest of the riddle will give you info about the exact location of the treasure, probably in relation to the previously mentioned landmark. Use the animus pulse in your search, it could be of great help. Once you’ve found the spot, you’ll get a legendary item and some currency.

There’s still no word of a grand reward for completing them all, but stuff like this used to grant players a Master Assassin outfit in previous games. We’ll update the guide with hints and solutions for all papyrus riddles once AC Origins is released.

Assassin’s Creed Origins All Papyrus Puzzles

Siwa (level 1-5)
1. House of Life: A Long Drink Papyrus

Lake Mareotis (level 6-8)
2. Hypostyle Hall: Fertile Lands Puzzle

Alexandria (level 9-12)
3. Iseion: Deafening Silence Riddle
4. Great Library of Alexandria: Divided Valley Papyrus
5. Sarapeion: The Stone Gaze Puzzle
6. Tomb of Alexander the Great: Ray of Hope Riddle
7. Great Synagogue: Nature’s Way Papyrus

Kanopos Nome (level 11-13)
8. Zephyros Stables: Dead End Puzzle

Sapi-Res Nome (level 15-18)
9. Temple of Horus: Sea of Sand Riddle

Giza (level 17-20)
10. Eastern Cemetery Mastaba: Stone Fungus Papyrus

Memphis (level 20-23)
11. Wabet: Burning Bush Puzzle
12. Palace of Apries: In Plain Sight Riddle
13. Temple of Ptah: Fallen Friend Papyrus

Faiyum (level 24-29)
14. Sarapeion of Karanis: The Leaning Tower Puzzle
15. Valley Market: The Blasphemer Riddle

Faiyum Oasis (level 28-31)
16. House of Iwn: Just Laws Papyrus
17. Temple of Sobek: Sobek’s Rage Puzzle

Haueris Nome (level 30-33)
18. Temple of Thoth: Toth’s Secret Riddle

Herakleion Nome (level 30-33)
19. Temple of Khonsou: Twin Despair Papyrus
20. Galenos’ House: Royal Flora Puzzle

Green Mountains (level 32-35)
21. Oracle of Apollo: Wet Work Riddle
22. Askepieion: Forsaken City Papyrus

Kyrenaika (level 34-38)
23. Temple of Zeus: Undue Haste Puzzle
24. Apollonion of Cyrene: Dead or Alie Riddle
25. Tomb of Battos: Underground Currents Papyrus


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