AC Origins First Civilization Pack DLC Adds New Mount & Weapons

A new mini-DLC for Assassin’s Creed Origins is now available in the Helix store. It’s called the First Civilization Pack, and it includes a mount and four weapons, all sharing the theme of AC’s precursor race. As you’d expect, it’s all black alloys and glowing markings. It looks great, but the items have nice stats as well. It’s currently only available in exchange for real money, but it’s supposed to become part of the Heka chest pool in the near future.

ac origins first civilization pack dlc
AC Origins First Civilization Pack DLC Adds New Mount & Weapons

It’s important that the DLC is not part of the season pass. The pack costs 1000 helix credits, but you can also buy individual pieces if you don’t want it all. The mount alone is 500, while the weapons are 250 credits each. The mount is purely cosmetic – a horse called Midnight Sun, clad in First Civilization armor with a fancy headdress.

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The Moonlit Shield is a hexagonal shield with markings similar to a circuit board. It has amazing ranged resistance and refills your health a bit when you pull off a parry. The Flickering Daggers are a pair of swords with glowing edges. They come with great adrenaline regeneration, a perk that increases adrenaline when you get hit, and life-stealing properties.

Lightning’s Strike is a hunter’s bow with high charging speed, one of the fastest ones in the game. It also has a ranged hit multiplier, as well as a combo multiplier. Finally, there’s the Glowing Mace, a blunt weapon that replenishes your health when you land critical hits and adds adrenaline on kill.

The items look great, and they pair well with the Isu armor. However, we would advise against paying for them – they’re quite pricey, and should be available for free from Heka chests at some point. It’s not like there’s another good way to spend drachmas in-game.

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  1. D

    I got the midnight sun mount from bazaar chest but when I go to whistle for it it does not come what’s the deal any help would be appreciated

    1. L

      This might sound like an obvious question, but, have you picked the midnight sun as your main mount in the gear menu?

      1. P
        Paul king

        The same here also got midnight sun from bazaar chest why can’t you whistle for it plz help

  2. S

    I have all of it except the daggers

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