AC Origins Gift From The Gods Quest - How to Solve Sundial Puzzle

Gift From the Gods is a new quest in AC Origins. It’s part of the collaboration with Final Fantasy XV, and when you complete it, you’ll get a sword, a shield and the Chocobo mount. There’s a sundial puzzle you might have trouble with, which is why we’ve decided to write this AC Origins Gift From the Gods guide.

Where to find the FFXV Quest in AC Origins?

First off, make sure that your game is updated to version 1.10. If you haven’t updated the game since December 12th, you’ll need to do so now. As you log into the game, it will check for the additional content. In the main menu screen, in the lower left corner, you can see the version of the game you are currently running.

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AC Origins Gift from the Gods Quest

With the updated version, once you log into the game, you’ll get a message that a new quest is available after a few seconds. This quest is called “A Gift from the Gods”, and it is located in Saqqara Nome region, in the eastern part of the map. There is an obvious green question mark on the map. This is the Assassin’s Creed Origins quest that features elements of Final Fantasy XV.

How to Solve Sundial Puzzle

As you get to the quest mark on the map, you’ll see something that will guide you towards your first objective – “Reach the crash site”. At the crash site, you’ll spot a fallen star, and a newly-revealed entrance to the nearby tomb. Head inside and explore the tomb. This is where you’ll get your sundial puzzle clue, as well as the Roman number XV.

To start the next objective, you’ll need to get to the nearby site, outside of the tomb with the clue. It is to the left of where you had entered the tomb. You’ll spot it by the very noticeable large sundial. Since you’ll need arrows, there is a broken carriage nearby with a lot of them next to it.

To solve the Sundial puzzle, you’ll need to be there at a specific time of day. This is easily done if you speed up time with meditation, until you spot that some of the large pillars have one of their sides lowered down, thus revealing their middle section. These middle sections reveal crystals, along with more clues on them. These clues present numbers: I (1), III (3) and IIIII (5).

AC Origins How to Solve Sun Dial Puzzle

To solve the sundial puzzle, we need to shoot the crystals a couple of times, so that their signs add up to the number 15. Once done, you’ll witness a bright blue light coming out of these crystals, and the large doors in the starting tomb will open. You’ll get to enjoy a nice and short cut-scene, and, in the end, earn your prize of three awesome items.

Chocobo Camel and Noctis’s Sword

The AC: Origins FFXV quest “A Gift from the Gods” gives three awesome items at the end of the quest. These are the Chocobo Camel mount – Kweh, the Ziedrich shield, and Noctis’s final Engine Blade upgrade – the Ultima Blade.

AC Origins FFXV Ultima Blade Legendary Sword

Ultima Blade has 404 damage per second, with a quality of 94, critical hit rate, adrenaline regeneration and health for critical hits. Its description says: “Only a blade forged in Insomnia would tirelessly absorb the life-force of fallen foes”. As you start swinging with this weapon, you’ll notice a white light coming out of it.

AC Origins FFXV Shield Ziedrich Legendary

Ziedrich is a legendary shield with 903 HP, quality of 93, range resistance, damage absorption rate, and bleeding on block. Its description says: “For days on end, a legendary blacksmith hammered a new sheet of armor onto this shield. It will make a legend of you”.

AC Origins Kweh Mount FFXV Chocobro Camel

Kweh, or your Chocobo camel description says: “This enigmatic creature’s tremendous speed was once used for racing”. This mount has the same speed as the other mounts. Although some of us had hoped to see a true Chocobo in the game, we’ll have to make due with the camel version.

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  1. B

    Quest is broken for me on PS4. Failed the quest the first time and now the sundial will not open up for me. Any help is appreciated

    1. Y
      Yousif Saleh

      Just skip some time dummy. Its only open at certain times of day

    2. D

      You need to go to quest log and reload the objective

    3. A

      Just meditate to the next day

    4. D

      I did the same thing. Just meditate again until it opens up. Then shoot the first crystal once, the second thrice, and the fourth once. It’ll open for you.

      1. J

        You just have to shoot the one with 5 slashes 3 times. You gotta get 15… your wat seems way over complicated.

    5. T

      Rest until morning it will open at day

      1. Z

        but it does not open…


    6. M

      how do u fail that quest tho

    7. T

      You will have to stare a new game

      1. Z

        Did you have to start all over again???

  2. V
    Vernell Lane

    The secret quest doesn’t even show on my map I skip the time 3 times ND with no luck is there an specific time that the green question mark appears on the map? Is there any steps to take before it appears?

    1. J

      I’m having the same problem. The quest icon doesn’t show up on my map at all. No idea what to do.

      1. L

        What level are you both, maybe it has something to do with it, although would be strange, since there is no fighting at all.

      2. Z

        I have the same problem. It just does not appear. I tried teleporting (fast traveling) to Nitria, and then riding back to the Sundial tomb, but I just don´t get a falling star cutscene.

    2. M

      You need to update the game or it won’t show

      1. D

        I am level 25 I have the required update for assassins creed origin but the ‘a gift from the gods’ quest will not appear any suggestions?

  3. R

    Can the Ultima blade and Ziedrich shield be upgraded?

  4. F

    Been playing this for an hour now, skipped time of day numerous times and nothing is happening. Any idea why? Help much appreciated

  5. S

    So I just completed this little crossover and I’m getting VERY different stats out of my prizes so I’m going to guess they vary depending upon what level you are when you complete the quest.
    Im at level 24. The ultimate blade has a quality of 62 and DMG of 265 and the Ziedrich shield has a quality of 61 and 584 HP. Everything else written here played true for me but the state were a little different.

  6. K

    I did this quest at level 23 and got the weapons at level 23 as well. The quality, damage, HP and all that is lower. I’m assuming they’re leveled items since they can’t be upgraded or sold. Wish I had waited until level 40 but I didn’t know.

    1. J

      You can totally upgrade them at a blacksmith

  7. D

    The damage and quality are different depending. My quality is 66 with damage 267.

    1. J

      Mine as well. Wish someone would answer

  8. D

    Who came out of the cell/tomb/puzzle?
    Is he in final fantasy?

    1. L

      Yes he is, you can see him in the video.

  9. T

    Stupid quest. Broke immersion of the game completely. Sold the “gift”. A walking bird…..

  10. Z

    My AC Origins is version 1.43…. I tried almost anything but nothing happens… Do I have the wrong update??? Someone please help me…

  11. Z

    And I forgot to write that I am level 40… Can someone please help me???

    1. Z

      There was no falling star cutscene for me. Do I have to be at a certain distance for it to happen?

      1. L

        No, I don’t think so.

        1. Z

          But how did you succeed??? Is my Origins update the wrong one, and if it is, can i somehow change it back to 1.10?

  12. I
    Irene Thomson

    I just completed “A gift from the gods”. Have got the sword and shield, but the camel hasn’t appeared. What has happened?

  13. H

    I’ve been hitting the snooze button over and over but nothing happens. Anyone else have this problem?

  14. S
    Stephen T

    Yo I’m level 51 the update is 1.4.3 and the quest hasn’t popped up any tips

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