Assassin's Creed Origins Gets Final Fantasy XV Crossover Quest

The collaboration between the developers of Final Fantasy XV and Assassin’s Creed Origins has bore more fruit. It has already given us the Assassin’s Festival in FFXV, and now it’s time for AC Origins to get it’s piece of crossover fiction. Ubisoft have released an update containing the Gift From the Gods quest, which will reward players with a couple of weapons and a Chocobo mount.

ac origins ffxv crossover mission
Assassin’s Creed Origins Gets Final Fantasy XV Crossover Quest

If you’re having trouble with the quest, you should check out our AC Origins Gift From the Gods quest guide. As soon as you log into the game (after getting the 1.10 patch), you’ll automatically get this quest. The mission involves a new tomb, alien technology, and a sundial puzzle to bother you.

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Once you’ve solved it, you’ll get the Ultima Blade (a sword which heals you when you land critical hits), the Ziedrich (a shield which causes bleeding in enemies when you block), and the Kweh mount (the Chocobo camel). It’s a cool way to spend half an hour, and the rewards are nice, but we kind of hoped for more. The Assassin Festival set the bar pretty high, with new activities, items and a complete makeover of a large city, so we expected something along those lines here as well. Turns out it’s just a quest and some trinkets.

Hopefully this doesn’t mean the collaboration is at an end. We’d definitely love to see more of this kind of thing, be it events, quests or simply thematic items. Maybe a tie-in which would draw a connection between the modern-day section of Asassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy’s latest world? A giant Malbodoom hidden away in a network of underground chambers? The amazing Isu Armor for Noctis and his friends to wear? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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