Assassins Creed Origins Gladiator Arena General Information & Gameplay Showcase

With the new fight system that Assassin’s Creed Origins is going to have, where else would you have a better chance to test it out than inside the Gladiators Arena. Inside the arenas, the players will have to defeat waves of enemies, with a strong boss at the end of each one. After you complete the first Arena in the main story, it becomes optional and not tied to the main story. However, players shouldn’t skip them, as they have lots of unique bosses and rewards like outfits and weapons.

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AC Origins Gladiator Arenas General Information

The Gladiators Arena battles will test your skill with weapons to the fullest. The enemies you’ll face inside vary, and you’ll need to adapt to them in order to complete them with success. Timing your attacks, dodging enemy attacks, using your surroundings to your advantage, executing the adrenaline meter at the appropriate time and more will be necessary to master the arenas.

  • You get introduced to the Gladiator Arena through the main quest line.
  • Bayek, the main protagonist, is trying to lure out a specific target. In order to do so, he needs to pose as a gladiator.
  • As soon as you come to this part, you unlock the Gladiator Arenas and Bayek now has the right to enter them. From this point, the Arenas are optional.
  • To start the arena match, go to its entrance, pick up the event by choosing the name of a specific arena. You’ll get information that includes experience, difficulty level and a roundup of enemies that you’ll face, and then you can start the event. Remember, there is a loadout of weapons you can start with, so choose them carefully.
  • The arena is basically a closed area. The setting differ from one to another. The one we saw is called Gladiator Arena – Krokodilopolis, where The Slaver event takes place. It has lots of pots, moving spiky sticks and wooden pillars. You can use them all to your advantage – pushing enemies onto those spikes, hiding behind the pillars while waiting for health to regenerate…
  • While inside this combat field, you’ll be facing multiple waves of enemies, somewhere around three. Each wave is stronger than the previous one. By what we could see from the footage, they are just an upgraded version of the previous wave of enemies, with one or two new ones. After the last wave of adds, the strong boss comes out.
  • These bosses are considered to be the hardest opponents. You’ll need a bit of skill and patience to take them out. Each one of them have unique combos and weapons. The number of skills bosses use increases as time goes by.
  • You can restart the event at any point in the arena.
  • You can’t use Senu (eagle animal companion) once the fight starts.
  • Once you complete a specific arena section, you can re-do it. You can either start the fight against the waves of enemies, or just start the boss fight. Although you still get experience for defeating the enemies, it is barely of any significance as it is rather small. At the end of a repeated arena section, you get a new score and in-game currency.
  • The Gladiator Arena has tons of bosses and grounds. There is a lot of cool gear (weapons and outfits) to get through it. After defeating the main boss of an event, you’ll get a significant amount of experience and gear, such as outfits and weapons. For completing The Slaver Arena activity, you might get an outfit like the legendary Dress of the Coastal Realm.

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