AC Origins Hidden Ones DLC Legendary Weapons, Mounts, Outfits

The Hidden Ones DLC for AC Origins brings new legendary outfits, weapons, and mounts, which you can get by playing the new content. It includes the Hidden One Legendary Outfit, which looks like the first Assassin robe, a horse, a camel, a heavy blade, a dual sword, and more.

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AC Origins Hidden Ones DLC Legendary Weapons, Mounts, Outfits
AC Origins Hidden Ones DLC Legendary Weapons, Mounts, Outfits

The first DLC expansion for Assassin’s Creed Origins, called the Hidden Ones, is coming out on January 23rd. However, information about it has already started to get out, and that’s how we know about some of the new stuff that we can look forward to. So, let’s start with the new legendary weapons. First off, there’s the Tooth of Sobek Legendary Heavy Blade. It has Adrenaline on Hurt, Adrenaline Regeneration, and Instant Charging. It’s a pretty powerful weapon. Then, there’s the Blades of Thoth Legendary Dual Sword. They are very fast, but don’t have much reach, as opposed to the Tooth of Sobek. Plus, it offers Adrenaline Regeneration, Combo Multiplier, and Health on Kill.

On top of the new weapons, there’s also two new mounts. As with all the other mounts, there’s really no difference in speed, it’s all in the appearance. The Hammer of Ptah Legendary Mount is an armored war horse, with some awesome headgear. There’s also the Gertha Legendary Mount. It’s a war camel, wearing armor that looks very similar to the one that the Hammer of Ptah horse. It’s up to you which one you choose, really.

Last, but not least, the Hidden Ones DLC offers new legendary outfits. As you’d expect, you can get the Hidden One Legendary Outfit. The description calls it “rugged wear for the Land of Turquoise.” It’s look is pretty interesting; seems to me like a proto-Assassin robe. The second outfit is called Gasp of the Plains; “an outfit that makes you dream of the call to adventure.” It’s orangish-brown, with many belts and fur boots. You can check out the new legendary outfits and other items we’ve talked about more closely below.

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