AC Origins Hippodrome Tips - How to Win Chariot Races

Chariot races at the Hippodrome are one of the many activities you can take on in Assassin’s Creed Origins. They become available as soon as you discover the Hippodrome in Alexandria, and there are two modes – time trial and tourmanent. The former are more of an afterthought, while the tournaments are the real meat of the event. Winning all four available tournaments will unlock the best mount in the game – the Roman Warhorse. Since many players are having a hard time with chariot races, we’ve decided to compile a list of AC Origins Hippodrome tips, to help you become better.

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ac origins hippodrom tips how to win chariot races
AC Origins Hippodrome Tips – How to Win Chariot Races

How to win at Hippodrome

There are four tournaments – Nike’s Winged Victory, Ramesses’ Divine Justice, Sol Indiges’ Cursus Magnus, Darius’ Great Battle – and they all take place on the same track, which means you don’t have to learn track shapes. You’ll always race against five AI players, but they’ll become more and more tough as you progress. What changes between tournaments are the conditions – the amount of obstacles, time of day, audience interference, etc. Here are some tips that should help you improve your charioting skills:

  • You don’t have to win all the races in order to win the tournament – there is some leeway, so don’t immediately restart if you end up in second or third place once.
  • Boost is like nitrous oxide in racing games – use it sparingly, and make sure you always have some for after a crash or a tight turn where you lose your position.
  • Staying on the darker ground in the middle of the track will refill your boost faster.
  • Drafting (driving directly behind an opponent) will increase your speed, and refill your boost faster.
  • When you reach a turn, decelerate and try drifting.
  • Ramming and trampling are best saved for occasions where you can push your enemy into an obstacle.
  • Cut corners by going from the middle to the inner lane just before a turn. Make sure you don’t touch the wall.
  • The game is scripted in such a way that you won’t be able to get much of a lead, so don’t despair when you’re overtaken – you only need to be in the lead in after the final turn, so there’s always time for a comeback.
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  1. M

    :> Still cant win.
    Whoever made these retarded peices of ship should be fired

  2. A

    I bought a rare chariot from one of the stables (having paid ability points to unlock this) in order to attempt to do better in chariot races. While I was able to win the first competition and unlock the Pharoah’s Horse, I can’t seem to beat the Elite Competition. Even using all these tips, I still end up in 3-5th place each time. Super frustrating lol

    1. R

      Are you allowed to use the war chariot horse you buy in the hippodrome races?

  3. B

    I find the chariot racing the weakest aspect of AC Origins… it’s both boring and frustrating.

  4. M

    I think chariot races are awesome. Its like this if you don’t like the races don’t race. It’s not part of the story. Every aspect of the game iss remarkable.

    1. J

      Its easy to say ‘if you don’t like ‘x’ then don’t play it, but you need to realize that one of the best mounts is locked behind a system that many players find both difficult AND unenjoyable. That’s not particularly good design.

    2. M

      It’s also part of the trophies you mongoloid. You want to Platinum you have to win. Derp

  5. D

    I can’t even get into a decent place. As soon as race starts everyone is in lead and I’m last. And it stays that way until race finishes. And I tried the tutorial. Did everything the dude said and I still lost. I only caught up to him when he’d slow down for the trample and ramming part:/ it really sucked. Think I’m not gonna bother with it, hoping arena is more my style. Who even plays A.C. for racing? Lmao

  6. R

    My brother rocked this shit for at in practily every race

    1. T

      Can you translate that into English, please?

  7. R

    Just a heads up to any other players stopping by, you don’t need to win the tutorial race. Tried for 30 minutes. It’s not clear because it says something along the lines of “now race your opponent to the finish line” at the end.

  8. J

    Idk if its just me but i beat them all first run through. Those who complain its difficult and boring obviously never watched a real race. Stick to the inside. You travel less distance and keep better position. Watch a nascar race and winning the chariot races will be much easier.

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