Poison Piranha Plants Capture Location - Where and How - Super Mario Odyssey

Poison Piranha Plants in Super Mario Odyssey are one of the enemies you can capture. Unlike some other Mario Odyssey capturable creatures, there’s a trick to the Piranha Plants. If you attempt to capture one of them, the plant will simply swallow Cappy. The catch is to somehow get around that, but also they are hard to find if you finished the main story in Wooded kingdom and didn’t capture any. We’ll explain how and where to capture Poison Piranha Plants in Super Mario Odyssey in this guide.

Super Mario Odyssey How to Capture Poison Piranha Plants
Super Mario Odyssey how and where to capture Poison Piranha Plants

How to Capture Poison Piranha Plant in Mario Odyssey?

how to capture mario odyssey poison piranha plantsTo capture a Poison Piranha Plant, you have to make it swallow a rock first. The thing with this enemy is that, whenever you try to possess one, they’ll simply trap Cappy in their mouth. That stuns them and allows you to dispose of them, but it doesn’t let you possess them. So, the trick is to keep their mouth busy. That’s where the rocks come into play. The only place to do this is in Wooded Kingdom. In the first part of the game go to Iron Road Section (specifically, near the Iron Road: Halfway Point mark). There’s several rocks in here that you can throw into the mouth of one of the Piranha Plants. When you do, throw Cappy on top of it, and voila! You can now spit poison by pressing Y.

Where to Possess Poison Piranha Plants?

The only place where you can capture Poison Plants is in Wooded kingdom. The first time you can capture them, like mentioned above, is during the main story quest. Being one of the earlier levels, people seem to miss this capturable creature the first time. Once you complete the main quest in Wooded kingdom, Poison Plants disappear. You meet some in Metro kingdom, but there are no rocks around that you can use to capture them. You will have to finish the whole main story before you can attempt to capture one again! Once you defeat Bowser come back to Wooded Kingdom. Find and activate the Moon Rock there (very close to the Odyssey) to reveal bonus Power Moons in Wooded Kingdom. This will also activate a moon pipe near Secret Flower Field Entrance flag (northeast part of map). Go inside the pipe to uncover a full level filled with rocks and Poison Piranha Plants. Capture one to be able to complete your Capture Creature List.poison piranha plant location end game super mario odyssey
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