AC Origins How to Kill Ptolemy’s Fist Phylake Boss

Phylake are elite enemies in Assassin’s Creed Origins. They roam the Egyptian lands, looking for trouble everywhere they go. They’re hard to deal with, but they drop great loot. When you confront them, the local guards will take their side, so you’ll have to deal with enemies at once, and not just the Phylake. One of them is called Ptolemy’s Fist – he’s a giant in heavy armor, wielding a large mace. There’s a simple way to deal with him, and we’ll tell you all about it in our AC Origins how to kill Ptolemy’s Fist Phylake boss guide.

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ac origins ptolemy's fist phylake boss
AC Origins How to Kill Ptolemy’s Fist Phylake Boss

How to defeat Phylake

Ptolemy’s Fist hits like a truck, so you should avoid his attacks at all cost. Try to clear out the meddling guards first, especially the archers. Once you’re fighting one on one, it’s time to get some reinforcements of your own. Kit him to the nearest river/stream/body of water. Walk backwards and fill him with arrows while doing it. When you get to the river, focus on getting the attention of its inhabitants. Hippos are the best case scenario, but crocodiles will do as well.

Now all you need to do is get the animal or animals near Ptolemy’s Fist and provoke him into swinging his scepter. He attacks with broad swings, so he’ll almost certainly at least graze the beasts. When he does, their attention will be diverted towards him. Start pumping him full of arrowheads as he deals with them. He’ll kill them relatively quickly, but not before they’ve taken a few bites. Get some more animals and repeat the process until he’s dead.

If you want to turn the Ptolemy’s Fist fight into a learning experience, you can practice your parries and dodging on him. But if you just want him dead, the animal companion method is the safest way.