AC Origins How to Start Hidden Ones DLC Quest

The Hidden Ones is the first proper piece of DLC for Assassin’s Creed Origins. It takes Bayek to a new area, Sinai, which is meant for level 38 characters, or stronger. It has already been released in some areas, but players are having trouble accessing it. This guide is going to show you how to start AC Origins Hidden Ones DLC quest.

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ac origins how to start hidden ones dlc
AC Origins How to Start Hidden Ones DLC Quest

How to start Hidden Ones DLC?

In order to start the DLC, you should first check whether it’s out in your area. It should launch at midnight locally, so if it’s before 00:00 AM on the 23rd where you’re at, you’ll have to wait.

After that, check to see if you’ve downloaded the data. It’s a big one (around 7 GB), and your console might not start downloading it automatically. Check the notifications – if the DLC doesn’t show up there, you’ll need to download it manually. To do so, go to the store and find the add-on’s page. Either use the search function, or look under “add-ons” on the base game’s page. Once you find it, you’ll see a “download” button near the picture. Press it to start downloading.

When it’s done, start the game. A new quest called The Hidden Ones will be automatically added to your journal. It will point you towards a ferry that will take you to Sinai. If the quest doesn’t show up even though you’ve obtained the DLC, try restarting the console or restoring the licences.

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