AC Origins Land of Turquoise Quest - Where to Find Bureau Entrance

Land of Turquoise is one of the main quests in AC Origins: The Hidden Ones DLC. It’s one of the early ones, and one of the objectives tasks you with finding the secret entrance to the Bureau. The game tells you you should use Senu’s scouting abilities to find it, but that’s easier said than done – there’s a lot of ground to cover. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to help you complete AC Origins Land of Turquoise quest and find the secret bureau entrance.

ac origins hidden ones land of turquoise quest
AC Origins Land of Turquoise Quest – Where to Find Bureau Entrance

Where to find secret entrance to the Bureau?

To find the entrance, you’ll have to go to the Klysma Quarry, a location in Klysma Nome. Go to the outskirts in the northeastern part of town, past the withered tree, and look towards the buildings. You should see a rocky outcrop on your right. When you approach it, you’ll see a hole leading under it, glowing red. That’s your secret entrance.

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You’ll have to crawl through the tunnel, but once you do, you’ll end up in one of the secret bases of the Hidden Ones, the group destined to become the Assassin’s Brotherhood you’ve spent so many years in across twelve thousand games.

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