AC Origins Hungry River Side Quest - Where to find Meketre

Hungry River is one of the many side quests in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Once you’ve started it, you’ll have to sneak past some angry hippos while dragging dead bodies, save a budding Medjay from imprisonment and defend his village from a fat man. Some parts of the mission can be tricky, so we’ve decided to write this Assassin’s Creed Origins Hungry River quest guide to help you out.

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ac origins hungry river side quest
AC Origins Hungry River Side Quest

Where to start Hungry River side quest?

You should be level 13 before you tackle this quest. In order to start it, you’ll have to go to the Kanopos Nome area. Look for a bald farmer in the southern part of the fields at the Apollodorus’ Estate. He should be near the road. He’ll ask you to retrieve the dead bodies of his friends from the hippo-infested fields. The beasts will attack you, but you don’t have to fight them – run away to the cart and get the attention of nearby guards. They’ll clear the hippos for you. Once you’ve brought all the bodies to the cart, the farmer will tell you about his poor nephew.

Where to find Meketre?

Meketre, the farmer’s nephew, has been captured by the bandits, and is being held at their camp. The camp is in a canyon southwest of the village. You can either clear out the bandits, or try to free the young man then fight them together. Either way, once you’ve rescued him, you’ll need to hurry back to the village and deal with the bandits. They’re a tricky bunch, but you won’t need to fight them alone – the guards will help, as will Meketre. When you’re done, talk to the aspiring assassin to end the quest. You’ll get 1500 experience points as a reward, but the villagers will give all the credit to Meketre. Seems like they won’t be writing songs about you anytime soon.