AC Origins Lost & Found Daily Quest Is Bugged

Lost & Found is a daily quest in Assassin’s Creed Origins. You can get a different one every day, from Reda, the child merchant running the Nomad’s Bazaar. This variant requires you to find a missing shipment of weapons. When you do, you’re rewarded with experience points and a random item. However, a lot of players are complaining about bugs in the quest, going from missing or misplaced markers, to not being able to get the mission at all. There’s no way around most of these issues – you’ll have to wait a day and hope tomorrow’s version is working as intended.

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ac origins lost and found daily quest bugged
AC Origins Lost & Found Daily Quest Is Bugged

It seems like people are getting sent to different locations, depending on their character’s level. A number of those who’ve got Giza as their destination aren’t able to complete the quest, as the marker shows a location that’s underground and seems inaccessible. You could try checking the secret tomb under the Great Sphinx, but it’s a long shot.

Others have reported not getting the objective marker at all. After checking the entire map, area by area, they couldn’t find the place they were supposed to look for the shipment in. Zooming out as much as possible might help in this instance, as it gives a better overview, hiding much of the other map icons.

There are also those who can’t even get the daily quest. It’s still unclear whether the “daily” refers to in-game days, or real days. If it’s the latter, there’s no telling when a new day starts. If you’re having this issue, make sure it’s been more than twenty four hours since you last played a daily quest. Give it a few hours, then talk to Reda again. A handful of player have even said they’re being spammed with these quests, getting one as soon as they finish another. As you can see, there are plenty of bugs to deal with here, so it’s best to skip these for the time being.

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  1. D

    Yea i had this happen to me I got to 300 some meters by bird and it crash causing this problem. Hope it gets fixed soon i dont want this to happen again.

  2. J

    Got 2 quests no problems. Now he wont give me any. No icon to even talk to him.

  3. J

    if it doesn’t show you the quest objective, go to your quest menu hit Y(triangle on PS4) to reload quest objectives, it worked for me multiple times this has happened

  4. I

    Did that and lost my fast travel ability on snyc’d. Had to reload it multiple times to get FT. back

  5. D

    I got the Lost and Found quest from Reda, and it sent me to a camp in the eastern Green Mountains. I was able to kill the camp commander and take the loot, but I got the message to return to Reda under the Giza pyramids. Since the are seemed to be inaccessible, I rebooted the game in the hope that I would merely be sent back to a real location; however, when the game reloaded, the Reda quest was gone and so was the loot.
    It seems to me that Origins has gotten more buggy and less reliable since the big X 4K update. This had been my favorite AC game since IV Black Flag, but since the update there’s been something quirky happen every single day that I’ve played.

  6. K

    I found it. After you kill the leopards, while facing their den, hug the wall heading right., towards the marker. It will trigger an icon.

  7. T

    I can get the quest no problem and I dove into the sea and retrieved all the items. But now when I try to escort Gotarzes back to Xenia he just stays on the ship and same thing with the waypoint! Please help anyone

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