AC Origins Elephant Boss Locations - How to Get Shaman Outfit

There are four elephant bosses in Assassin’s Creed Origins – Surus, Jumbe, Qetesh & Resheph and Herwennefer. They’re meant to be an end-game challenge, something for level 40 characters to do. They’re formidable opponents, so you should come prepared. One of them will reward you with the unique Shaman outfit once you defeat him. Since they’re scattered around the map, they may be a bit tough to find. That’s why we’ve decided to make a guide with AC Origins elephant boss locations, to help you get that legendary armor.

ac origins elephant boss locations shaman outfit
AC Origins Elephant Boss Locations – How to Get Shaman Outfit

How to get Shaman outfit?

You only need to kill one of the elephants to receive this outfit – Herwennefer. As soon as the pachyderm bites the dust, you’ll get the snazy costume. This means you won’t have to deal with all of them, in case the challenge is too much for you – just focus your efforts on that one. You’ll lose out on some XP and loot, but nothing too impressive.

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Where to find elephants?

Each of the elephants is in its own arena, stuck in a place where you’re not very likely to stumble upon it by accident:

  • Surus – You can find this one in a camp in the southern part of the Green Mountains, the area in the northwestern part of the map.
  • Jumbe – This one is in Herakleion Nome, in the northeastern corner of the map. He’s on the biggest piece of land in the area, all the way in the corner.
  • Qetesh & Resheph – The vicious pair is in the south of Uab Nome, near the border with the Desheret Desert. The arena is tucked between a couple of mountains.
  • Herwennefer – The last one is in the White Desert Oasis. You’ll find him on a hill west of the northern lake.

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    Damn I killed the last big elephant Herwennefer ,at level 32 in 30 mins,shit it was hard,had to use a cursed spear and a warrior bow,

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