AC Origins Mount Sprint - How to Make Horses & Camels Gallop

AC Origins mounts are used to traverse the game’s map faster. They’re a necessity, since the game’s rendition of ancient Egypt is enormous. The horses and camels are a boon, but sometimes they’ll start trotting casually instead of running full speed, which can be a nuissance. Many players are asking how to make mounts sprint in AC Origins – we’ve made this guide to help you with this unfortunate issue.

ac origins mount sprint how to make horse camel gallop
AC Origins Mount Sprint – How to Make Horses & Camels Gallop

How to make mounts sprint?

You can’t really influence your mount’s speed. The only direct control you have over your horse/camel is in whether it will move or not, and in which direction. You can’t make them speed up or slow down by pressing a button. However, knowing the rules of their behavior will help you get around this limitation.

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Your mount will run at full speed when you’re out in the wild. When you reach a settlement, it will automatically slow down. There are a lot of people in the streets of these Egyptian towns and villages, and Bayek is a protector – it wouldn’t do for him to recklessly endanger his fellow citizens.

If you’re travelling to a far away place, it’s worth avoiding towns, especially since roads don’t influence mount speed. You can also let the game do the travelling for you – simply set up a custom marker, get on your horse or camel, and press the appropriate button to make it go there on its own. You can take a break and stretch a bit, prepare a quick snack or simply enjoy the landscape without the need to steer.

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