AC Origins How to Get Deluxe & Gold Edition Bonus Ability Points

Assassin’s Creed Origins is out, and people who’ve preordered the Deluxe or Gold editions of the game are entitled to a bunch of bonuses. The Desert Cobra pack includes a unique outfit, a mount, some weapons and shields, and three ability points. However, not everything is working as intented, and players are having trouble getting those points. If you’re affected by this issue, we’re going to try to help in our by showing how to get Deluxe & Gold edition bonus ability points in AC Origins.

ac origins how to get deluxe gold edition bonus ability points
AC Origins How to Get Deluxe Edition Bonus Ability Points

Where to find preorder bonus ability points?

First of all, if you’ve bought the physical edition, make sure you activate the deluxe/gold code found in the box. If you’ve bought the digital edition on console, check to see if the game has downloaded the Desert Cobra pack. Once you’re sure you have the stuff downloaded and activated, and you don’t have your three additional ability points, that’s when you can say something’s amiss.

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A bunch of people are reporting they can’t find their ability points – for the record, they should automatically show up in your character screen. The first thing you can try is restarting your game. Some claim this helped, and the points showed up after the restart. Others say you’ll get them after a certain point in the story – it’s worth trying to get a little further into the game. After all, skill points are easy to get early on, so you can make up for the missing ones easily. It’s only after level 15 that they get more and more rare with each level you gain.

We’re going to update this page if discover any other way to get your hands on them. Feel free to share any info you might have, and we’ll add it into the guide.

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