Mounts - Camel, Horse & Unicorn in Assassin's Creed Origins

Mounts offer a way to travel faster in Assassin’s Creed Origins. The game’s ancient Egypt map is pretty large, and getting places is much quicker if you can jump on a camel or horse. There are several kinds of mount, with different stats and basic abilities. You’ll probably want to collect as many as possible, both for practical reasons and the cosmetic differences. We’re going to help you with that by listing ways to get AC Origins mounts.

ac origins mounts camel horse
AC Origins Mounts – How to Get Camel & Horse

How to get mounts

As with most gear (and the game does consider mounts gear), you’ll be able to buy mounts from vendors. There will be also Hippodromes where you can earn Mounts by confronting your opponents. In any case, you will be able to get new mounts by spending Drachmas coins. There are other ways as well, thankfully. In the latest preview build that was shown to press and influencers, there was a horse you could get by rescuing it from a burning village as a part of the quest. It’s probably not the best mount in the game, but you know what they say about looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Before you buy / earn your own mount you can steal horses and chariots from NPCs. These can’t be called back with a whistle, but having the ability to steal a ride whenever you require one is great. This means you won’t have to worry too much about the mounts you’ve acquired (or are yet to acquire), since you can just indulge in a bit of Grand Theft Horsie when you’re in need.

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You’ll get your first horse – Black Arrow, once you complete a side quest level 12 named “Wild Ride“. You can start this quest near Zephyros Stables in Kanopos Nome near Alexandria. Thus, save your money, and use it for something else.

wild ride ac origins

Unicorn Mount in AC Origins

Unicorns are special mounts available only if you have Helix coins – the currency that you have to buy with real money. It will cost you 500 Helix Credits which is approximately $5.
Unicorns are said to originate from faraway land, though we have never been able to determine which. What we do know is that they are fabulous.”

Sand Dweller

Another mount available for the the same price as Unicorn, 500 Helix coins. You can get it only if you spend $5.
Intricate patterns sheared into this camel’s fur tell the history of the gods in pictorial form.”

ac origins Sand Dweller
Sand Dweller

All mounts list

Here’s a list of all the mounts we’ve seen mentioned in the game, and how to obtain them:
NameTypeHow to get
Morning MistHorseHorse Whispering quest reward
Black ArrowHorseWild Ride quest reward
InspirationCamelWhen Night Falls quest reward
BasusCamel Striking Back quest reward
Pharao’s HorseHorseWin all tournaments at Hippodrome
Roman WarhorseHorseWin all elite tournaments at Hippodrome
Scout ChariotChariotBuy from stable
War ChariotChariotBuy from stable
Royal ChariotChariotBuy from stable
Eternal GloryHorseBuy from stable
AnnapolisHorseBuy from stable
KkuHorseBuy from stable
RustyHorseBuy from stable
MenesHorseBuy from stable
ThunderHorseBuy from stable
StrangerHorseBuy from stable
GuardianCamelBuy from stable
The False CamelHorseBuy from stable
Bone CrackerCamelBuy from stable
KaaHorseBuy from stable
Soft BreezeHorseBuy from stable
True FriendHorseBuy from stable
Pataikos HertiCamelBuy from stable
Aa NekhtouHorseBuy from stable
Egyptian MareHorseBuy from stable
FidgetCamelBuy from stable
Meri AmunHorseBuy from stable
MajestyCamelBuy from stable
Blazing GloryHorseBuy from stable
KhamsinCamelBuy from stable
Meri HekaCamelBuy from stable
Desert’s PilgrimCamelBuy from stable
WandererCamelBuy from stable
UnicornHorseBuy from Ubi store using Helix Credits
Sand-DwellerCamelBuy from Ubi store using Helix Credits
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  1. J

    You also have a camel right from the beginning that you don’t have to buy. Not sure if it’s the best one but it works.

  2. S

    untrue. i got sans dweller from purchasing a box from redas

  3. B

    I got the Unicorn as a reward from a Redas quest. Free

    1. L

      I love that mount so much 😀

  4. R

    I got my Unicorn from a 3000 coin box from Redas. I love her so much. Defo the mount I’ll use until the end. Now I just need to name her…

  5. T

    accidentally killed my camel, now i don’t have one. a cat that was following me around drowned. i have the worst luck with animals.

  6. Y

    If you got a unicorn mount from one of Reda’s quest, was it near the beginning of you playing Origins or what time frame was it? I’m hoping I haven’t missed it because, at the beginning of the game, I missed many side missions and did mostly the story missions because I didn’t want to mess up the story like I somehow did in Odyssey.

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