AC Origins Taste of Her Sting Side Quest - Murder Investigation

Taste of Her Sting side quest is a murder investigation in Assassin’s Creed Origins. In order to complete it, you’ll have to investigate four ritualistic murders, search the kill sites for clues, then find the person responsible and deal with them. The locations you need to examine sometimes aren’t marked on the map, due to a bug probably. That’s why we’ve decided to write this AC Origins Taste of Her Sting side quest guide, to help you with your investigation.

ac origins taste of her sting side quest
AC Origins Taste of Her Sting Side Quest
You can investigate the locations in any order – in fact, the quest starts when you stumble upon one of them for the first time.

Lost Crypt – Sais Temple

The lost crypt is on an island in Lake Mareotis, east of Yamu. There’s a sync point on top of a pillar on the northern coast, which you can use as a fast travel point. When you climb it, you’ll see the scene of the crime directly below you. You’ll need to examine the blood-soaked cloth, the prayer scroll by the stairs, the golden statue of Sekhmet, the wooden coffin by the water, and the coffin lid in the lake.

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Crocodile Lair

The lair is on a tiny island in the southeastern corner of Kaponos Nome. You’ll have to deal with at least three crocs – one big and two small. Examine the crashed boat, then head to the ruins it points to. There’s a statue of Sobek in the water, a sarcophagus up on the wall, and a prayer scroll on the other side of it.

Shrine of Serapis

The shrine is in the northeastern corner of Kaponos Nome – you’ll recognize it by the giant white statue. You should first investigate the body, which is just off the cliff behind the shrine. The go into the cave, and look at the bloodied table and the wooden coffin on the ground. Go back out and climb up to the shrine – you’ll see a prayer scroll on the edge of the cliff, as well as a strange symbol on the base of the statue.

Sapi-Res Ruins

The ruins are in the middle of Sapi-Res Nome, on a small swampy island. You’ll notice the sarcophagus lid right where the entrance used to be. Investigate it, then look at the wheel tracks near one of the entrance pillars. There’s also a prayer scroll on a stone block next to the water, and a dead body underwater.

Old Temple Location – Prophet of Serqet

Once you’ve investigated all four locations, you’ll have to head to the Old Temple in Ka-Khem Nome. It’s in the middle of the island, and the ruins are swarming with Romans. Go into the underground chamber and inspect the coffin lids and the crack in the wall. Then use Senu to scout around above, and find the cave entrance on the shore. Go into the cave and follow it all the way to the end to confront the killer.

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    I don’t believe there is a location name Kaponos Nome, I think you mean Kanopos Nome. Just an observation, but makes me wonder how many other things may be wrong with this article.

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      It’s to the right of Alexandria at the top right of the map

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