AC Origins Nightmare Pack DLC New Mount, Outfit & Weapons Available

The Nightmare Pack DLC is a new pack you can get in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It includes an outfit, mount, and three legendary weapons. The Nightmare Pack is not a part of the season pass, and it’ll cost you 1500 Helix Coins to buy in the store. They will be implemented into Heka Chests at a later date. Whether or not the Nightmare Pack content in AC Origins is worth it is up to you.

AC Origins Nightmare Pack DLC New Mount Outfit & Weapons Available
AC Origins Nightmare Pack DLC New Mount, Outfit & Weapons Available

Let’s do a rundown of the items you’ll get in the AC Origins Nightmare Pack. First off, there’s the Shadow Warrior outfit. It’s lightweight attire, and, according to the description, allows the wearer to melt into the shadows. It looks kinda cool; all black with a piece of red cloth on the sleeve. It’s pretty far from being the coolest armor in the game, but hey. Then, there’s the Abyssal Steed mount; a flaming, hellish horse, “spewing smoke and ashes, its eyes ablaze with reddish light.” It looks so incredibly metal, but it does kinda clash with the overall “realism” of the overall game.

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Then, of course, there are the legendary weapons, aka the things that impact the gameplay. There are three weapons in the Nightmare DLC pack. You’ll get the Ripper legendary sickle sword, which is pretty cool. It inflicts Bleeding upon hit, boosts your critical damage by a lot, and also makes every hit a critical if your health is at 25% or less. The legendary predator bow you get in this pack, called Barbed Longbow, compliments the sword very nicely. It deals stealth damage, inflicts Bleeding, and also deals critical damage with every hit when you’re low on health. In the pack, you also get the Forlorn Hope legendary heavy blade. This one is a bit weird. It gives you a Combo Multiplier, but also has a chance to inflict Sleep on enemies, which effectively kills your combo right then and there.

The Nightmare Pack costs 1500 Helix Coins, which translates to $15. It’s not a part of the Season Pass. Whether or not it’s worth the price is up to you to decide. It’ll certainly cost more to buy each item individually. If you don’t want the pack, worry not. You’ll be able to get these items from Heka Chests at some point in the future. As a reminder, you can get these either for free by completing the daily quest for the vendor, as well as for 3.000 drachmas. Of course, this will take more time and work, but, at least you won’t have to spend real-life money on them. You’ll just have to be patient until the devs implement these items into the Heka Chests. You can take a bit of a closer look at these items in the images below.

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    Oh holy lord, 15 bucks for a fire horse and not even give it to the seasonpass owners like me. This shit is a total Rip off!

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