Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer DLC Achievements / Trophies

Comrades, the multiplayer expansion DLC for Final Fantasy XV, has now launched. Along with it, the list of trophies for the Comrades DLC has been revealed. There’s seven new achievements you can get, with three hidden ones. Five of them are Bronze, one is Silver, and one is Gold.

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Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer DLC Achievements / Trophies
Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer DLC Achievements / Trophies

The long-awaited multiplayer expansion for FFXV, Comrades, is finally out. You can now create your own character, and explore the world of Final Fantasy 15, either alone or with other people. Sounds like there’s no better way to immerse yourself into the land of Eos. On top of that, like all other DLC’s for the game, Comrades adds some more trophies for you to collect. There’s a total of seven of them, and three of them are hidden.

Before we go into the list of the FFXV Comrades multiplayer expansion achievements, a spoiler warning. The list below does feature some mild spoilers for the events in Comrades. We’ll also put in the three hidden achievements. So, if you want to go into the DLC knowing nothing, or wanna avoid seeing the hidden trophies, perhaps you should come back after you’ve had the chance to play. In the meantime, you can check out our FFXV Comrades How to Change Outfit and Customize Character Attire and How to Start FFXV Comrades Multiplayer Expansion articles. Anyway, on to the trophy list:

  • Beacon of Hope – Powered up all facilities in Lestallum. (Bronze)
  • Kingly Blessing – Received a Royal Sigil. (Bronze)
  • One with Your Blade – Crafted a weapon of Level 30 or higher. (Bronze)
  • Come back, Kenny! – Met the owner of the Crow’s Nest Diner. (Bronze)
  • Royal Retinue Rumble – Bested the Chosen King’s companions. (Bronze)
  • Cleaving a Path – Witnessed the awakening of King Noctis. (Silver)
  • Let There Be Light – Amassed an output of 999.999 kW. (Gold)
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