AC Origins Nomad's Bazaar Location - Where to find Daily Quests

Nomad’s Bazaar is a shop in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It is operated by a child named Reda, and it constantly moves around. You can purchase rare items from this vendor, as well as Heka chests. However, most people want to find it because it’s the source of daily quests. However, it can be pretty tough to find. That’s why we’ve decided to show you where to find Nomad’s Bazaar in AC Origins.

ac origins nomad's bazaar locations where to find daily quests
AC Origins Nomad’s Bazaar Location – Where to find Daily Quests

Where to find Nomad’s Bazaar?

In order to find the bazaar at any given time, you’ll have to scour the map. It moves around all the time, which makes it kinda tricky to locate. It can appear in any area of the map, but when it’s in a certain area, it’ll always be in the same place. When you want to talk to Reda, you should open the map and zoom out. His map icon is a glowing blue camel – it really stands out among the white icons that designate points of interest.

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There are around a dozen locations where he can appear, but he’ll most often be at the locations that’s closest to you. You might have to meet him during the main story before he start appearing – some players have been complaining about not seeing the Bazaar’s icon on the map. It also may be a bug. Since there are a bunch of bugs surrounding the Nomad’s Bazaar and its quests, your best bet would be to restart the game and try again later.

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  1. S

    I’ve completed the parts of the story that would allow me to talk to Reda so I can get the daily quests, but no icon pops up for him. I can’t speak to him and so I can’t do daily quests. My dad is earlier in the game than I am, but it works fine for him. Any idea why that would be?

    1. J

      It for some reason showed up as a blue exclamation mark not a blue camel

      1. H
        HermAN SVÄRD

        The blue exclamationmark means the daily quest and the camel means his shop, but they are both beside eachother

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