AC Origins Patch 1.1.0 Adds Nightmare Difficulty, Enemy Scaling

Assassin’s Creed Origins is getting bumped up to version 1.1.0 today, across all three platforms. The new patch is going to introduce some helpful features, like the nightmare difficulty level, the option to turn on enemy scaling, as well as a horde mode for the arena. The patch notes also contain a long list of fixes that are supposed to make the experience more enjoyable to all.

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ac origins patch 1.1.0
AC Origins Patch 1.1.0 Adds Nightmare Difficulty, Enemy Scaling

Nightmare difficulty, as the name suggests, is the new highest level of difficulty. It seems a lot of people were complaining the game was too easy, so here we are. The enemy scaling was also added with them in mind – it will allow NPCs to scale up to your level, making fights across all areas constantly challenging. It’s worth noting they won’t scale down, as it’s not meant to make things easier. There’s little word on the arena horde mode, but we presume it’s a kind of endless challenge meant to give people something to do in the end-game.

There are a bunch of fixes that should help the game look and run better across the board, but we’re not really interested in those. If you are, head over to the official forum and check out the full change log. What we are interested in are the quality of life improvements, of which there are several.

For instance, chariot races will now yield better rewards, possibly making them actually worth your time. A lot of quest issues have been fixed, including the one with disappearing daily quests. They’ve added a map filter for uncompleted locations, which should help the completionists immensely. Most importantly, they’ve added proper hood, beard and hair customization – you won’t have to resort to tricks anymore, if you don’t like the way Bayek looks.

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