Death Stranding Trailer Details Explained by Kojima

Kojima spoke to IGN recently, and he revealed a few details about Death Stranding and the confusing visuals we’ve seen so far. He explained what the seemingly omnipresent rain is about, how dying works in the game, and more.

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Death Stranding Trailer Details Explained by Kojima
Death Stranding Trailer Details Explained by Kojima

Those that have been following the developments behind Death Stranding are probably confused as hell right now. There are tons of theories floating around, especially with the new Game Awards trailer. So, IGN talked with Kojima, and managed to ply out some answers from him. Kojima didn’t reveal too much, of course, but what he did reveal seems pretty interesting.

During the interview, Kojima explained the rain. It’s called Timefall, and, apparently, it’s rain from another world which speeds up time. That’s why the man without a hood is aging so rapidly; it’s because of the Timefall. Another thing that we’re all wondering about is the baby in the container. Apparently, it has been the same baby across all trailers so far. It will be one of the game’s main mechanics, and ties into the story of Death Stranding. The robotic flashlight-grabbing claw will also be a game mechanic of some sort.

The most interesting detail for me, though, was how the game treats death. The video shows us some kind of explosion that hits a gigantic alien. The hero then wakes up underwater, with all kinds of debris. It seems that this is where you go when you die. You can pick up some of the stuff that you’ve lost, then go back into your body. However, the crater is still there. What that means is that, after you die, the game doesn’t take you back to the moment before. You’ll have to face the consequences of you dying. Whatever caused you to die still happens. So, it seems that Kojima, as always, has a bunch of surprises up his sleeve for Death Stranding.

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