AC Origins Serqet Carapace Armor - Sting in the Tale Trophy

Serqet Carapace is a legendary armor in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It was added in the Curse of The Pharaohs DLC, and you can get it by completing a set of late game activities. When you do, you’ll also get the Sting in the Tale achievement. If you’re having trouble finding these activities, take a look at our AC Origins Serqet Carapace armor guide.

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ac origins serqet carapace armor sting in the tale trophy
AC Origins Serqet Carapace Armor – Sting in the Tale Trophy

How to get Serqet Carapace legendary armor?

In order to get the armor, you’ll need to clear out five locations. They’re all marked with scorpion tails, and you’ll need to fight giant scorpions in order to complete them. They’re going to be at level 58 whenever you encounter them – they won’t scale down to your level. The five locations you need to look for are:

  • Spring of Serqet – Waset Desert (Thebes)
  • Serqet’s Altar – Aaru (Afterlife)
  • Serqet’s Garden – Aten (Afterlife)
  • Serqet’s Chamber – Heb Sed (Afterlife)
  • Halls of Serqet – Duat (Afterlife)

As you can see from the image above, the outfit is actually quite revealing. The only areas it seems to actually protect are the shoulders and the right wrist. There’s a bunch of loose, dark cloth there (part of it is actually obscuring the entire face), some plate below the neck, and these amazing pauldrons made from the shell of the giant scorpions.

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  1. N

    Thank you very much 🙂

  2. O

    I killed the scorpions in the Serqet’s Garden in Aten at level 52 by shooting from the 2 columns at the entrance using the Predator bow with the abilities Toxin arrows and Favor of Osiris it took a little while but the poison arrows did the job.

  3. A

    I didn’t get the armour nor the Xbox achievement despite doing these locations repeatedly. Any solutions to that?

    1. M

      I had the same problem then realized there are two scorpion locations in some tombs. Ramesses has two, one isnthe chamber you need to complete and the other is just a lair. Same thing in Tutankhamun, the lair is closest to the front and the chamber needed is all the way in the back

      1. R

        I did all of the scorpion lairs, killed all of the scorpions, completed the outpost, and still didn’t get the armor.

        1. N

          The same thing happened to me I did all of the scorpion locations whatsoever the chamber the altar the spring the garden and the hall

  4. T

    the one that is in the waset desert is just a roman outpost. No giant scorps to be found. Here I was hoping to uncover a conspiracy to train them for war, like the elephants.

    1. S

      That would have been cooler to get a scorpion mount

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