AC Origins Treasure of Nefertiti Riddle Solution & Location

Treasure of Nefertiti is a new riddle in Assassin’s Creed Origins. The puzzle comes as part of the Curse of the Pharaohs DLC. You’ll need to collect four tablets scattered across the new areas. Once you do, you’ll unlock the fifth one, which contains the riddle. It’s pretty cryptic, and we banged our heads for a fair while before we cracked it. If you need help with it, you’ll find it in our AC Origins Treasure of Nefertiti riddle solution and location guide.

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ac origins treasure of nefertiti riddle solution location
AC Origins Treasure of Nefertiti Riddle Solution & Location

Treasure of Nefertiti puzzle

This one’s even more confusing than the Treasure of Akhenaten. It looks like people complained about the difficulty of papyrus puzzles being too low, which made Ubisoft ramp it up this time around. Here’s the text:

Moonblushed Khonsu eclipse the Aten, show us faithful the path
The truth lies at shadow’s end. The highest point, Ba’s rest
Beneath but not beside, your right arm strike
Silent maw open, cobra guarded hoard of the crook.

Where to find Treasure of Nefertiti?

The treasure can be found in the southern part of Aaru. It’s west of the Tower of the Deathless Feathers. You’ll find a couple of pillars there, standing closely together. The shadow of the longest one points towards a small clearing in the field of wheat. When you approach that clearing, you’ll hear a snake’s hiss. Break the boards to reveal a hole, in which you’ll find the cobra and the chest with the Neith bow.



  1. J
    Justin Terral

    I received the Ceremonial Staff

  2. L

    I got the viper’s tooth.

  3. M

    Will there be any other guides for aaru world? I really don’t get the Great of Praises.

    P.S. I got The Fourth Plague warrior bow

  4. G

    I only found this because i saw a avenge quest and someone had somehow died to the snake i broke the board before getting the fourth(and 5th) text and got the chest. lucky me.

  5. T

    I got Phalangite Shield

  6. T

    You mean Curse of the Pharaohs, lol. Curse of Osiris is the scam of a DLC for Destiny 2.

    1. J

      Right you are.

  7. A

    I have got mustapha’s blade

  8. S

    I did not get the Neith bow, I got another smoke and mirrors….what kind of bs is this?

    1. K
      kat shabell

      I got storm blades

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