AC Origins Sobek's Rage Papyrus Puzzle Solution Guide

Sobek’s Rage is a Papyrus puzzle from Assassin’s Creed Origins, found in Krokodilopolis. This large town is found in the zone marked on the map as Faiyum Oasis. This is a level 28-31 area, where you can, for the first time, fight in one out of the two Gladiator’s arenas.

Temple of Sobek Papyrus Puzzle Location

The Papyrus Puzzle in Temple of Sobek is found just a bit northwest from its location marked on the map. In this part of the compound, climb on top of the two-floor building. There is a hole in the ceiling that lets you go down one level.

In the corner of the first floor, close to two rugs, some vases, and on top of a small nightstand, you’ll find the Papyrus. Eventually, you can get here by climbing from the ground floor pillars, but the view from the top of the building is a prize of its own.

Sobek’s Rage Papyri – The Blasphemer’s Head

Description: East of Krokodilopolis, south of the shattered pyramid, a large beast of a god stares angrily at a pharaoh who shows him no respect. I’m hidden behind the blasphemer’s head.

The first sentence of the riddle takes us to the nearby zone called Haueris Nome. This level 30-33 area has a pyramid in its southwestern part. If you zoom in on the map, you can notice it standing close to the waters, and the flooded agricultural fields. This shattered pyramid is the Tomb of Amenemhat III. This pharaoh and his pyramid are not placed here for no reason. One of the things he is famous for is the great canal that he was in charge of.

After looking for a while next to the pyramid, I’ve decided to test my luck somewhere near the river. This is where the tides turned. In this part of the constructions, just south from the Tomb of Amenemhat III pyramid, you’ll find a construction site. On the ground floor, close to the river, there is a large Pharaoh statue. Looking northward, you can also spot another statue of a beast on the second floor of the same building. Maybe the beast is angry at the pharaoh for the all the things he’s done to change the water flow in the area, which is no wonder, as Sobek is associated with the crocodiles that live in the Nile; the same river where the constructions for the grand canal take place.

Sobek’s Rage papyrus puzzle prize is just behind the head of the pharaoh’s statue, on the ceiling of a building behind him. Climb on top, and you’ll get a loot interaction button prompt when you get close to him.

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