AC Origins How to Unlock Gladiator's Arena

Gladiator Arena is a special activity in Assassin’s Creed: Origins. It’s a fighting ring where you take on increasingly difficult opponents, so you can end up with the unique Roman Legionary outfit. The fights themselves can be difficult, but most people seem to be having trouble with gaining access to the arena. That’s why we’ve written a guide that shows how to unlock gladiator’s arena in AC Origins.

AC Origins How to Unlock Gladiator's Arena
How to Unlock Gladiator’s Arena

Gladiator Arena General Info

There are two places where arena fights take place. One of them can be unlocked early on in the game, around level 23. The other is the harder one, and the suggested level is around 30. The goal is to defeat three waves of enemies, so you can unlock and fight the boss. Two bosses are available at the Krokodilopolis arena, with an additional five in the Cyrene arena.

Successful events will reward you with experience and the bosses will drop legendary gear. To make it harder, you’ll start each event with a predetermined set of weapons. It is important to have a decent set of fighting abilities before you go into the arena. The circumstances in the arenas can help or hinder the player. Some of them can’t be mitigated, like a pit filled with spikes – falling into it is instant death. Others, like animals in cages, can come as an advantage.

How to unlock Krokodilopolis Gladiator Arena

Krokodilopolis Gladiator Arena is found in the Faiyum Oasis (level 28-31 zone), in the southern part of the map. To unlock this arena, you’ll need to complete a side quest called The Champion first. This quest can be found in the northwestern part of Krokodilopolis, and it’ll task you with helping an aging gladiator. There is also a level 28 main story quest called The Crocodile’s Jaws that takes you straight into this arena. Completing this one might also be a requirement for entering the arena.

How to unlock Cyrene Gladiator Arena

Cyrene Gladiator Arena is located in the far northwest of the main map, in the level 34-38 zone called Kyrenaika. To find the gates to this place, you’ll need to start the Lure of Glory side quest. You’ll get it once you reach this zone, and find an NPC in front of the arena’s main entrance. Felix, the acerbic owner of the Krokodilopolis arena recommends Bayek tries his luck in the fights. You don’t really need the quest to enter, but why miss an easy 2500 experience?
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  1. D

    It’s Crocodile’s Scales, not Jaws…. the MAIN quest of hunting one of the Order.

    1. J

      Im at level 41 and have done every mission at krokodilipolis I don’t recall the ‘scales’ one and the arena will not unlock. Wtf am I doing wrong. Or not doing??

      1. L

        Have you tried entering the Arena, maybe you’ve unlocked it already?

      2. Z
        Zeus Falcon

        You have to also finish the required main quest.

        1. H

          Should the arena be showing on the map because I can see the Cyrene one but not the other & I’ve done the Champion side quest that should unlock it

    2. J

      No, YOU are wrong it IS the Crocodile’s Jaws. Nice try.

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