AC Origins Stealthy Shrub Papyrus Puzzle Guide

Stealthy Shrub is a papyrus riddle in AC Origins. It’s a part of the Hidden Ones DLC, and you’ll find in Sinai, on the new map. It’ll have you looking for a bushy tree of a clifftop, hidden from view in a remote area. Solving it is no easy feat, so we’ve decided to help by writing this AC Origins Stealthy Shrub papyrus puzzle guide.

Paratiritirio Papyrus Location

The scroll is located in Paratiritirio, a fortress in the Klysma Nome area. Go southeast from the Klysma Quarry, and you’ll find the stone building in the hills. Go through the entrance under the tower, and look for a boarded up hole in the floor. Use fire to break down the barrier, then jump down into the hole. The papyrus will be down there, on a desk.

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Stealthy Shrub Riddle Solution

Description: On the east side of the Walls-of-the-Ruler you can find me under a bushy tree who grows alone on a cliff. It’s hard to see us from within the camp, since a tower hides us from prying eyes.

There’s a road east of the Walls-of-the-Ruler, in the north of Madiama Nome. The road passes by a tower that’s part of the fortress. If you climb the hill across from the tower, you’ll see a tiny cliff below it, with a tree. The treasure is next to the tree.

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