AC Origins Lost Cause Papyrus Puzzle Solution Guide

Lost Cause is one of several new papyrus puzzles in AC Origins, part of the recently released Hidden Ones add-on. The riddle points to a place near Shur Quarry, but it’s not all that clear. If the hints you get from the scroll aren’t enough, keep on reading our AC Origins Lost Cause papyrus puzzle guide.

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Shur Quarry Papyrus Location

There are several cranes at Shur Quarry, in the middle of Madiama Nome. Climb the one farther up the hill and look at the ledge above the scaffolding. You should see a tent there – go into the tent, and you’ll find the scroll on a table.

Lost Cause Riddle Solution

Description: Northeast of the Shur Quarry is a testament to man’s folly, where they built two short walls to capture what cannot be caught. Through their target flows in and out at will, I am stuck in the center of their useless trap.

Follow the river upstream, to the northeast of where you found the scroll. Before you reach the lake, you’ll find a couple of low stone obstacles, which look like someone tried to build a dam there. The treasure will be next to one of them.