AC Origins Stone Gaze Papyrus Puzzle Solution

The Stone Gaze papyrus puzzle is just one of many AC Origins riddles in Alexandria. This level 9-12 zone is reachable early on in the story campaign. If you’re having trouble with this particular challenge, simply scroll down and enjoy our AC Origins stone gaze papyrus puzzle solution guide.

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AC Origins Stone Gaze Puzzle Solution
Assassin’s Creed Origin Stone Gaze Puzzle Solution

Sarapeion Papyrus Puzzle in Alexandria

You can find Sarapeion in the southwestern part of Alexandria. This is the largest compound in this area, and it’s hard to miss. There is a sync point on top of the central building.

The Sarapeion papyrus puzzle script is inside a library in the compound – it’s the building with the two large cabinets with a lot of scripts. The puzzle scroll is just in front of them, on the table. The door to this room is blue, with three circular markings on each wing. The building is easy to miss, so you better compare the maps and place a custom marker on it. Better safe than running around in circles.

The Stone Gaze Riddle Solution

Description: In the south section of Mareotis Lake there is an island full of ruins. A man stares at me all day, it’s quite a bother, so I’m hiding behind a column that blocks his sight.

The island mentioned in the first part of the riddle is located just south from Sarapeion. This is a rather large lake, and the zone is meant for level 6-8 characters. The island is easy to spot, as it is the largest one there. It’s in the southern part of the lake, and rather close to the border with Sapi-Res Nome.

Once on the island, head to the southern beach. You’ll be able to spot the place mentioned in the second sentence of the riddle. “A man stares at me all day” actually refers to a statue of a man sitting on a throne. Statues like this were common in ancient Egypt, and they represented pharaohs most of the time. The final clue is a small, broken column, just a few steps away from the statue. The prize is on the ground, next to the foundation of this column.

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