AC Origins Tool of Apis Papyrus Puzzle Solution

Tool of Apis is a new papyrus puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It’s part of the Hidden Ones DLC. Both the scroll and the solution are in the Arsinome Noe, the northernmost area of the new map. The riddle can be hard to crack, so we’ve decided to write a guide in which we’ll show you the AC Origins Tool of Apis papyrus puzzle solution.

Tool of Apis Papyrus Location

The scroll with the hints can be found in the Temple of Ba’al, in the town of Arsinoe. You’ll see a giant wooden constructions in the first courtyard, right next to the second gate. Climb to the top of the rafters and look for a white tarp with two red stripes. You’ll find the scroll on the platform beneath it, on a piece of cloth.

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Tool of Apis Riddle Solution

Description: In southwestern Arsinoe you can find a giant’s bull-powered fishing rod. Right in front of it are four wet posts, with me at their center.

As the scroll says, go to the southwest of Arsinoe. It mentions a “fishing rod”, so you should look for a spot by the sea. It’s by an obelisk under construction. The fishing rod is actually a crane at the waterfront, powered by a wheel with a bull walking in it. The other sentence from the scroll points towards “four wet posts” – just look out at the sea, and you’ll see four wooden posts rising up from the water. The treasure is between them, on the surface.

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