Pokemon GO Community Day Event Announced for February

Community Day is a new event that Niantic is planning for Pokemon GO. It’s set to take place in late February, over the course of three hours. The Community Day events, if all goes well, will be a monthly thing, and each time, a different Pokemon will take the spotlight.

Pokemon GO Community Day Event Announced for February
Pokemon GO Community Day Event Announced for February

Lately, Niantic hasn’t really had the best of track record with the different events in Pokemon GO. Which is a shame, because these events are an important cornerstone for the game. A lot of trainers love these happenings. I mean, there’s people that have all but stopped playing, coming back only for the events. Well, now they’re trying a bit of a different event concept: Community Day. According to the announcement on the Pokemon GO website, this is going to be a monthly thing, revolving around one specific Pokemon.

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Let’s get into the specifics of how Community Day is going to work. They will take place over the course of a few hours every month. While it lasts, you’ll get bonuses in the form of triple Catch Stardust and three-hour lures. Each Community Day will focus on one Pokemon. During the event, said Pokemon will start popping up in the wild. Also, that Pokemon will be able to learn a brand new, preciously unavailable move. Provided that this works out well, it could be a pretty alluring thing to return to every month. That’s of course, if the Pokemon in the spotlight is interesting for players.

Speaking of which, the first Community Day does sound interesting. First off, it’ll take place on February 24th, 2018, from 2 PM to 5 PM Eastern Time (8 PM to 11 PM Central European). The Pokemon that it will be in the center of the event will be Dratini. The exclusive move that Dratini will be able to learn is still a mystery, but we’ll keep you posted if more info pops up. So, if you’ve been itching to catch some Dratinis, and/or want to teach it a new move, mark your calendar. I know I will, because there’s barely any Dratinis where I live.

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