AC Origins Treasure of Ramesses Puzzle Solution & Location

Treasure of Ramesses is yet another rewarding puzzle from AC Origins: Curse of The Pharaohs. Solving the riddle will lead you to a legendary weapon, but cracking the code won’t be easy. As usual, the riddle requires a bit of work, but it’s one of the easier ones. If you get stuck, you’ll find a step-by-step solution in our AC Origins Treasure of Ramesses guide.

ac origins treasure of ramesses puzzle solution
AC Origins Treasure of Ramesses Puzzle Solution & Location

Treasure of Ramesses riddle solution

As always, the clues are cryptic. If you want to reach the solution on your own, you’ll need to acquaint yourself with the DLC, the new areas, and the stories that take place there. Don’t be afraid to use Google, either.

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A towering likeness, Victory, gazing over immeasurable Kadesh
A Coward’s feet flee over the gustless sands.
Fearful as a child he sought sanctuary in the Great Heart
But gripped with great malice, he lies red amongst roaring snakes.

Where to find Treasure of Ramesses?

To find the treasure, you’ll need to go to Heb Sed. Head to the Battlefield of Kadesh. Stand by the hill overlooking the battlefield from the north (the one where the fast travel point is). Look for footprints on the eastern side of the hill. Follow them to a hole in the rock. Squeeze through and you’l find the weapon next to a dead body, in an envelope. We got the Headache Remedy blunt weapon, but you might get something else.

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  1. E

    Maybe warn people about the four cobras right next to the dead body.

  2. T

    Lol there’s like 4 cobras that kill you instantly when you get in.

  3. A
    Adrian Brooke

    Huh?! I only found 3. You can spot them if you stop right nr the entrance and pick them off from a safe distance.

  4. L

    It said he laid dead red among snakes. They where expected and they hiss when you get to the hole. Maybe pay attention to the riddle…

  5. M
    Michael Bol

    got a predator bow of lions

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