AC Origins Treasure of Tutankhamun Locations & Riddle Solution

Treasure of Tutankhamun is one of the new riddles in AC Origins, introduced in the Curse of The Pharaohs add-on. It’s a puzzle that points towards a treasure, much like the papyrus puzzles before it. It’s much more difficult to decipher, though. It’s a tricky thing, and we spent quite a while trying to figure it out. We’re going to present the solution in our AC Origins Treasure of Tutankhamun guide, for all those who need help with it.

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ac origins treasure of tutankhamun location solution
AC Origins Treasure of Tutankhamun Location & Riddle Solution

Treasure of Tutankhamun Puzzle

The text is a bit unhelpful. It narrows your search down to Duat, and points you behind the Funeral Parlor point of interest, but the rest is up to you. The river flowing through the area is rich with pillars (none of which are behind the parlor), and there are lotus flowers literally everywhere. The Wadjet clue is completely irrelevant, as that is something you’ll notice only when you’re already past the biggest hurdle.

Behind the eternal parlor, Lotus scented he lies
From the flowing waters pillars loom in darkness
“Hidden” is the name of the fifth of the Duat
Revealed beyond the jaws of the cobra-headed Wadjet.

Where to find Treasure of Tutankhamun?

Go behind the Funeral Parlor in the southwestern corner of Duat. Go down to the river and inspect the southern cliff. You should see a small opening near the water level. Squeeze through, and you’ll end up in a cavern. Go across the chamber, into the tomb-like room, and crawl through the hole on the right. Look around the room, and you’ll soon find a white chest with your prize. We got the Golden Wolf sword, but it seems the rewards are random. Whatever you get, it will certainly be of legendary rarity, though.



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    It means the shadow of the pillar in the water and it’s hidden behind the 5th shadow pillar

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