Assassin\\\'s Creed Rogue Viking Swords locations guide

For all of you adventurers out there who want to conquer the game thoroughly, we have prepared a detailed screenshot guide which reveals all Viking Sword locations in the game. Viking Swords are collectible items scattered throughout the world of Assassin’s Creed Rogue. When you reach the place marked on your map by sword icon, you will see a glowing piece of Viking Sword. After collecting 15 pieces you’ll discover the locations of a lost Viking treasure that contains Viking armour. This Viking treasure is found on Pearl Island, North Atlantic. You also get achievement/trophy: “Dedicated Employee”.
AC Rogue Viking Armour
Viking Armour Preview.

1. Port Menier Viking SWorld (297, -128)

  • World: North Atlantic

2. Burgeo Viking SWorld (549, -588)

  • World: North Atlantic

3. Pearl Island Viking SWorld (944, -933)

  • World: North Atlantic

4. Yarmouth (190, -906)

  • World: North Atlantic

5. Anticosti (188, -144)

  • World: North Atlantic

6. Harbour Deep (584, -358)

  • World: North Atlantic

7. Fogo (916, -67)

  • World: North Atlantic

8. Grande-Entree (364, -476)

  • World: North Atlantic

9. Ash Creek (267, -879)

  • World: River Valley

10. Old Growth Forest (288, -531)

  • World: River Valley

11. Twin Snake Path (662, -588)

  • World: River Valley

12. Or-du-Nord (945, -135)

  • World: River Valley

13. Vieille Carriere (555, -42)

  • World: River Valley

14. King’s Farm Viking Sword (386, -249)

  • World: New York

15. Templar HQ Viking Sword (427, -370)

  • World: River Valley
  • Special Note: We would like to thank user Jake Napier Weir for additional information.

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  1. V

    There is only 14 places here guys…

    Where is the 15, final one??

    1. J
      Jake Napier Weir

      there is apparently one in lac eternal just outside the walls that doesnt appear on your map but i havent been able to find it and its the last sword i need

    2. Haven’t found it yet :C

  2. J
    Jake Napier Weir

    i just found it at coordinates (427,-370) Lac Eternal in River Valley.

      1. J
        Jake Napier Weir

        No probs bro thanks for the shout out.

  3. R

    Anyone having problem with Lac Eternal native pillar? It doesn’t show up for me, then I die, it shows up, but I can select it?

  4. P

    the last 2 are both numbered 14… is that the reason for the confusion?

    1. My own stupidity hehe, I’ve fixed it, thank you for letting us know.

  5. I

    I’m wearing the armor but the achievement is still unlocked D:

  6. J

    The achievement isn’t for the viking stuff. Dedicated employee is for completing 35 Abstergo Challenges. It’s likely the post author happened to get it coincidentally at the same time.

  7. J

    I found every Viking sword but I’m still missing one

    1. O

      Me aswell, atleast i think ive taken them all. 🙁

    2. M

      me too, does anyone how can to solve this problem??

      1. R
        Raja Shikhi

        I too forgot one but due to my own mistake. Check every site again and you will get the one missed

  8. J
    Josh Kenovan

    Just so you know, the coordinates for the armour is (949, -928).

    Just trying to help.

  9. E

    the armour is located at pearl island North Atlantic

  10. T

    No idea what I’m missing. Checked all the locations, including the Templar HQ but found nothing. Starting to wonder if there is a bug in the game and I can’t get all 15 pieces

  11. M

    Anyone still missing one Viking Sword?
    Just pause the game go to Progress Tracker > Collectibles > Viking Swords and then confirm one by one if you have it 😀

    PS: I already finished the storyline so I don’t know if you can do this in the middle of the story…

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