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Assassin Gauntlets are gloves in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. They give a bonus to your attack and serve as a complement to your weapon. Like the weapons in AC: Syndicate, Assassin Gauntlets can be worn by both protagonists. In this guide we’ll give you a list of all the Assassin Gauntlets in AC: Syndicate. We’ll also show you what each glove looks like, and where and how you can get it.

ac syndicate assassin gauntlets guide
Try not to activate it by accident…

Assassin Gauntlets in AC: Syndicate

The gloves can be obtained in several ways: some of them can be bought for various sums of money while others can be crafted with the right materials. There are a few you can only get by completing certain missions.
  • Leather gauntlet
    • 500£ to upgrade
  • Hardened Leather gauntlet
  • Reinforced gauntlet
  • Black Leather gauntlet
    • Must be crafted
  • Mirage gauntlet
  • Iron Death gauntlet
    • Level 6 required
    • Must be crafted
  • The Chimera
    • Level 9 required
    • Must be crafted

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  1. J

    Hey man. Where do you find the Schematics to craft the Gauntlets?

    1. K

      You have to play through the game. Some are Associates activities and others are in locked chests and so forth.

  2. D

    What about the gauntlet at the very bottom that’s a secret item? I’ve got all of them down to the Chimera except that one

    1. H

      You can get it by completing all the child liberation activities

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