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Locked Chests are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. You’ll find them all across London, in all 7 areas.
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They contain valuable loot, like unique crafting materials, pieces of equipment and such. This guide will show you all locked chest locations in AC: Syndicate.

Whitechapel Locked Chests

whitechapel locked chest locations
There are 2 locked chests in the starting area, and they’re pretty easy to find. One of them is in the marketplace – you’ll find the green costume color in it.

whitechapel-locked-chest-1Reward: Green color for your armor
Note: Found where inside the market building where you have to kill the templar with explosives.
whitechapel-locked-chest-2Reward: Rough and Tumble Belt
Note: Found just south of the Whitechapel viewpoint on the rooftop of a nearby building. You can take a look at other Belts available in the game.

Locked Chests in Lambeth

lambeth locked chest locations map

lambeth-locked-chest-1Reward: Bluestone (unique crafting material)
Note: There is a templar hunt mission in this area. Chest is found nicely tucked inside an alcove of sorts.
lambeth-locked-chest-2Reward: Light and Dark Cloak
Note: Found in southern part of Lambeth on a side roof of a church.
lambeth-locked-chest-3Reward: Tanjore Poison (unique crafting material)
Locked chest is inside the central tower of the building shown in the image. You will have to climb up on the rooftop to access the back side of the tower, where you’ll find the entrance. Once inside drop down to the platform holding the chest.

Southwark Locked Chests

southwark locked chest locations map You can find 4 golden chests in Southwark. This is an industrial area, so expect lots of thugs from rival gangs, overseeing the workers.

southwark-locked-chest-1Reward: Lord Pearson’s Cane-Sword
You will have to enter the train station and get to the first floor waiting room to find this chest.
southwark-locked-chest-2Reward: Rhodium (unique crafting material)
Found inside a foundry where fist fights take place.
southwark-locked-chest-3Reward: Darbe’s Bear Claw (brass knuckles)
Go to the easternmost viewpoint in Southwark and you will spawn at a factory that also has Child liberation event inside. Enter the building via a roof window and that will get you to where the chest is. Take a look at other Knuckles available in the game.
southwark-locked-chest-4Reward: Eagle Dive Cape
This one is on the second floor of a warehouse.

Locked Chests in City of London

ac syndicate city of london chest map
There are 5 golden chests in this borough – some in the back alleys, some in more busy places. You’ll need some quiet time to pick the locks, so make sure there are no enemies around when you decide to open them.

city of london locked chest 1Reward: Chimera Gauntlet Schematic
It’s in the Bank of England, in the library in the northeastern part of the building.
ac syndicate city of london golden chestReward: Golden Lion Cane-sword
On the west side of the roof of the Royal Exchange building.
city of london locked chest st paul's cathedralReward: Baron Jordane’s Finery
On top of St. Paul’s Cathedral.
ac syndicate golden locked chest londonReward: Hallucinogenic Dart Upgrade 2
On the west side of the roof of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.
city of london golden chest cannon street stationReward: Jaw Tenderizer
On the walkway above the tracks at southern part of Cannon Street Station.

The Thames Locked Chest

There’s only one locked chest in the Thames area. It’s on a docked ship, the one where the fight club and the middle viewpoint are, between Westminster and Southwark. When you board the ship, you’ll see the ring on one side and the merchant on the other. Between them, by the side, is the chest you’re looking for. It contains Sea Silk, a unique crafting material.

Westminster Locked Chests

westminster locked chest map
Westminster is the western part of the map, the area with the famous hospital and abbey, as well as the House of Parliament. You’ll find 5 locked chests in this burough, and some of them will undoubtedly be hidden around these historical buildings.

westminster abbey locked chestReward: Death Knuckles
On the northern terrace, on the roof of the Westminster Abbey
westminster golden chest devil's acreReward: Master Assassin’s Belt
In the tallest house in Devil’s Acre, in southern Westminster. The chest is on the top floor, by the window.
buckingham palace locked chestReward: Eagle Splendor Belt
In the room on the southeastern side of Buckingham Palace. Enter the first floor through the southern window, and the chest will be right in front of you.
ac syndicate golden chest buckingham palaceReward: Lignum Vitae
In the middle of the corridor that goes along the southeastern side of Buckingham Palace.
assassin's creed syndicate locked chest westminsterReward: Ulfberht Blade
In the northern corner of the corridor that goes along the southeastern side of the Palace.

The Strand Locked Chests

the strand locked chest locations
There are 4 golden chests in The Strand, London’s leisure and shopping district. All of them are in enclosed spaces, hard to find unless you know where to look.

locked chest the strand 1Reward: Large Bullet Pouch Schematic
In a tiny house, east of St. Pancras Station. It’s guarded by a bunch of level 8 enemies.
locked chest strand charing crossReward: Wabar Pearl
Go to Charing Cross station. The chest is in the hall, near the entrance.
ac syndicate locked chest strand galleryReward: Golden Spider Silk
Go down into the sewers from the National Gallery’s garden. Once down, go right, take the second left, then left and left again.
golden chest locations the strandReward: Lord Jonathan’s Retribution
Go into the fight club in the back alley north-east of Piccadilly Circus. The chest is under the stairs opposite the door.

WW1 Locked Chests

AC Syndicate WWI Locked Chests Map
In the video at the top of the page you’ll find how and when you can enter the portal that takes you to the World War 1 mode. There are two Locked Chests in this area.

AC Syndicate WWI Map Golden ChestReward: Eagle Dive Belt
Almost at the edge of the northeastern corner of the map. At the end of the pier, on the ground level, guarded by several level 6 and 7 enemies.
AC Syndicate WWI Locked ChestReward: Boudicca’s Torque
Inside the military compound in the northwestern part of the map. You have to enter the building in the east of the compound. The entrance to the building is in the central yard. Once you enter, keep turning right and you’ll fin the chest to your left, between shelves.
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