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Conjuring Up A Killing! is a Dreadful Crime in Asassin’s Creed Syndicate. A spiritualist under the name of Thaddeus the Amazing died during a seance and you have to find the murderer. In this guide we’re going to show you how to solve Conjuring Up A Killing! in AC: Syndicate.

To start the investigation, meet Charles Dickens on the pavement in front of the park northwest of the train station in southwest Westminster. After that, you need to go to the Psychic’s House.


Accusing the right person will get you:
  1. XP: 1000
  2. £: 2500

Step #1: Psychic’s House

As soon as you enter the room where the seance is being held, the lights will go dark. When the lamps are lit a short time afterward, Thaddeus the Amazing is found dead in his chair.

  1. Thaddeus’ Body – in the chair at the table, it’s pretty hard to miss.
  2. Timer and Flashpoint – to the right of the body, on the floor.
  3. Client List – on the desk to the left when you climb up the stairs. It will unlock an investigation zone.
  4. Threatening Note – immediately on the other side of the past to the desk, next to a broom.
  5. Old Note – at the foot of the bed in the room you just entered.
  6. Receipt – on the floor under a small table in the far corner of the room, close to the fireplace.
  7. Legal Papers -on the table to the left of the one where you found the Receipt.
  1. Douglas – In the hallway below the stairs. Ask him about Thaddeus and the Séance.
  2. Lady Ursula – At the window, to the left. Talk to her about Mittens.
  3. Howard Roberts – turn right from Lady Ursula, he’s the one closes to you. Ask him about Thaddeus and the Legal Paper.
  4. Dr. Wilburn – To the left of the table with the dead spiritualist.Inquire about Thaddeus and the Séance.
  5. Janice Asquith – Across the table from Dr. Wilburn. Speak with her about Thaddeus and the seance.
You now have three new investigation areas: Lady Ursula’s House, Asquiths’ House, and Robert’s House. You can investigate them in any order you please.

Step #2: Lady Ursula’s House

  1. Boston Newspaper Clipping – to the right of the entrance, next to the fireplace.
  2. Letter – c;imb up to the next floor. The letter is at the foot of the bed right in front of you when you climb the stairs.
  3. Lady Ursula’s Will – climb to the top floor, it’s on the desk next to the bed.
  1. Miriam – on the ground floor, behind the dining table as you enter the house. Ask her about Lady Ursula, Douglas, and Mittens.

Step #2: Roberts’ House

  1. Sydney Newspaper Clipping – on the ground floor, in the first room of the house. It’s on a table in the far right corner of the room from the door.
  2. Paper – on the upper floor, on a small table with three drawers. It’s immediately right once you climb up the stairs.
  3. Note Added to Father’s Will – in the next room, on a desk to the left when you enter it.
  1. Anne Roberts – on the ground floor. Ask her about Howard Roberts, the Séance, and the Legal Papers.

Step #3: Asquiths’ House

  1. Coat – on the coat rack immediately to the right of the front door.
  2. Cigarette Butts – Go outside and to the entrance to the alley on the left of the house. You’ll find them next to the adjacent house.
  3. Business Letter – climb to the next floor of the house and turn immediately right. It’s lying on the floor in front of the bookshelf closest to you.
  4. Diary – on the third floor of the house, on the ground beneath the large bed.
  1. Everett Boyd – on the ground level, next to a bookshelf. Inquire about Thaddeus, the Engagement, and business.
  2. Colonel Asquith – on the second level of the house, in the corner and behind a desk cluttered with papers and books. Ask him about Thaddeus and Sister (his daughter).

Step #4: Street Corner

  1. Billy – follow the cigarette smell from Asquith House. You’ll find Billy on the street corner to the north. Inquire about Tramp and you’ll open the final investigation zone.

Step #5: Office

Note: All four clues are on the top floor of the office.

  1. Note – on the floor to the right as you enter the room from the stairs.
  2. Business Cards – on a stool next to the piano, immediately left from the entrance to the room.
  3. Thaddeus’ Note – on the floor under the window to the left when you enter the room.
  4. Client Files – On a desk across the room from the entrance from the stairs.
Spoiler Alert: DO NOT read on if you want to figure out who did it yourself.

Step #6: Accuse the Murderer

Go back to the Psychic’s House and accuse Douglas of murder.

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