Errors & Problems in Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians has just launched, and like with any other big game, people are experiencing issues. Some of them can be solved by simple workarounds, while others are more serious and will require waiting for the developers to fix them.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of the most common errors & problems in Halo 5: Guardians and how to solve the ones that can be solved.

halo 5 errors problems

Halo 5 slow download speed

Many people who bought the digital version of the game are reporting slow download speeds. A bit of fiddling with network settings might help.
  1. Go to Network Settings.
  2. Change Primary DNS to
  3. Change Secondary DNS to
  4. Enter Advanced Settings and click Alternate MAC.
  5. Press Clear

Halo 5 REQ service down

“We’re aware of an issue impacting some players’ ability to connection to the Halo 5 REQ service. We are working to address this now.” source Josh Holmes

Warzone REQ Pack not showing up

Some of the players who bought the Warzone REQ Bundle are upset their REQ Packs aren’t showing up. This is working as it should be – you’ll be getting two packs each week, until you’ve received all 14.

Halo 5 preorder bonuses not showing up

If you’ve preordered the game, you’ll receive some bonuses – armour, skins, helmets, etc. Which ones you receive will depend on where you bought it. But they won’t appear in the game by themselves.
  1. Go to Games and Apps.
  2. With the cursor over Halo 5, press Start.
  3. Choose Manage Game.
  4. Install the Promotional REQ Pack.
  5. Restart the console.
  6. Start the game.
  7. Go to Spartan Hub (press Start).
  8. Click Requisition, then Open Packs.
When you go to Customization, you’ll see your preorder items.

Halo 5 online issues

If you’re having any kind of online issues (lag, not being able to connect), there’s several things you could try:
  • Restart the console.
  • Hard reset the console (hold the power button for 6 seconds).

How to play splitscreen in Halo 5

Sadly, you can’t. There’s no way to play with another person on the same console. You can play the campaign in co-op, but only over the Internet.

Slow Halo 5 installation from disc

If you’re installing the game from a disc, disconnect from the internet before you begin. If you don’t, it will try to install the game and download the 9 GB patch at the same time, which will slow it down a lot.

Halo 5 doesn’t detect Xbox Live Gold

If the game shows you a message saying you don’t have a Gold subscription (and you do), here’s what you could do:
  • Hard reset the console (hold power button for 6 seconds).
  • Delete your gamertag from the console and re-download your profile.
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