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Death Stalks The Colonel is the second of the Dreadful Crimes in AC: Syndicate. This investigation takes place in Abbot’s Cocoa in Southwark and revolves around the death of a former colonel. This guide will show you how to solve Death Stalks The Colonel.

Use Eagle Vision to locate clues that will help in your investigation.
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Bear in mind that you’ll get less XP and money if you accuse the wrong person.


Accusing the right person in the end will get you:
  • XP: 850
  • £: 1500

Step #1: Munitions Factory

Find Henry and Artie Raymond outside the Abbot’s Cocoa factory in the Southwark borough to start the investigation. Now head east to a courtyard bounded by small walls and next to the Munitions Factory.

  1. The Colonel’s body – near the fountain there in the courtyard
  2. Dynamite Crates – outside the wall of the courtyard, near the body
  3. Bloodstain – near the colonel’s head.
  4. Banner – next to the body and the blood spray.
  5. Feather – at the base of the fountain.
  6. Clock – leaning against the wall of the courtyard, in the bullet’s path. The bullet is lodged in it. Use Eagle Vision to see the bullet’s trajectory.
  7. Bullet Hole – in the bench next to the clock.

    1. Suspects:
      1. Jonas Hasset – in the courtyard, against the wall of the factory. Speak with him about Prescott, Banner, Shooting, and the Clock
      2. Frederick Abberline – Near the northern entrance to the courtyard. Speak with him about the Shooting, Factory, the Clock, and the Suspect.

      Step #2: Courtyard

      This area is between the shop and the factory, and includes the alley to the side of the shop.

      1. Bullet hole – in the wooden fence that is blocking the alley to the side of the shop.
      2. Target – hanging on the other side of that wooden fence.
      3. Mark- on the ground behind the fence with the dummy.
      4. Impact Mark – on the ground behind the shop. Use Eagle Vision to follow its trail to the attic.
      5. Beer puddle – in the street between the shop and the factory. Follow the trail to the Barrel Depot.
      1. Ear – an orphan boy. Speak with him about Shooting and the Gun.

      Step #3: Shop

      1. Curtis – the owner of the shop across the street from the scene of the crime. The trail of the bullet will lead you to him. Inquire about Prescott and the Military.

      Step #4: Attic (Shop)

      The impact mark will lead you back to the shop and into its attic. Go through the open windows at the top of the shop and into the attic.

      1. Whitworth Rifle – near a gun case, on the floor.

      Step #5: Barrel Depot

      The trail from the beer puddle will lead you to the Barrel Depot, west of the crime scene.

      1. Empty Barrel – in the depot yard near a stack of barrels.
      2. Backpack – west of the previous barrel, close to a flight of stairs leading to a bulkhead.
      3. Goose – down the stairs you saw when looking for the backpack
      4. Medicine – near the alley between the buildings of the barrel depot. It’s on one of the barrels.
      1. Bennett – you’ll see him immediately as you enter the barrel depot yard. Inquire about Prescott, Beer, and Samuel.
      2. Samuel – near the barrel on which you found the medicine bottle. Speak with him about Prescott, Beer, and Disease.
      Spoiler Alert: DO NOT read on if you want to figure out who did it by yourself.

      Step #6: Accuse

      Accuse Samuel, he’s the one who killed the colonel.
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