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Helix Glitches are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. They’re scattered about the game’s seven boroughs, usually in difficult to reach places.
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Collecting Helix Glitches will give you Helix Credits, the game’s premium currency that you can use to buy Helix Rewards. In this guide we’ll show you the locations of all the Helix Glitches in Lambeth.

Helix Glitches in Lambeth

There are 20 Helix Glitches hidden in Lambeth.

ac syndicate lambeth helix glitches
1helix glitch lambeth 1Between two buildings across the street from Lambeth Palace. Get to the top of the tallest wooden pole with your Rope Launcher. Look south and jump to the smaller wooden pole.
2helix glitch lambeth 2Northeast of the previous one, hovering above a low house surrounded by taller buildings. Climb to the roof of the house nearest to it, then just jump down to the roof of the house below.
3helix glitch lambeth 3In northwestern Lambeth, on a row of buildings along the bank of the Thames. There’s a wooden beam between two houses. Climb to the roof of one of the houses and just walk across the beam to pick up the Glitch.
4helix glitch lambeth 4On the northern wing of Lambeth Palace. Climb on top of the chimney there and use your Rope Launcher on the other row of chimneys on the same side of the building.
5helix glitch lambeth 5Southeast of the previous one. Climb to the top of the church tower, all the way to the top of the cross. Aim your Rope Launcher at the tallest chimney of the buildings across the street, then slide across the street and collect the Glitch.
6helix glitch lambeth 6Northwest across the street from the grounds of Lambeth Asylum, above an alley. Climb to the top of the roof of the house east of the Glitch, then aim the Rope Launcher at the chimney in the center of the building on the other side.
7helix glitch lambeth 7Directly north from the previous one. Jump off the row of chimneys closest to the Glitch and land on the haystack below.
8helix glitch lambeth 8Nortwest of the previous one, hovering above the street. Climb to the roof of one of the buildings to the side of the Glitch, then launch to the roof of the building across the street.
9helix glitch lambeth 9Two buildings to the southeast from the previous Glitch. Climb up to the roof of the house looking out on the square. It’s behind a haystack and has a wooden platform jutting out from its roof. Jump off the platform into the haystack below to collect the Glitch.
10helix glitch lambeth 10A factory to the northeast. There are metal cranes hanging off the side of the factory that’s facing the street. Jump between them to collect the Glitch.
11helix glitch lambeth 11Underneath the elevated train tracks. It is above the center beam – use the Rope Launcher to climb up and snag it.
12helix glitch lambeth 12Between two smokestacks on top of a factory at the northeastern edge of Lambeth. Climb to one of the chimneys, then use the Rope Launcher on the other one and slide across to get the Glitch.
13helix glitch lambeth 13Use the Rope Launcher to get to the roof of the building directly south from the smokestacks. There’s a wooden platform on the other side of the roof. Leap from it into the hay below to collect the Helix Glitch.
14helix glitch lambeth 14South of the previous one, hanging over a courtyard behind a row of buildings. Start from the wooden building covered with green shingles, then free run jump across to the building with the brick chimneys.
15helix glitch lambeth 15Northwest of Lambeth Asylum, between two buildings. Vault to the roof of the building with two tall chimneys, then climb up the eastern one of the two. Jump across to the wooden platform of the building next to the one you’re on.
16helix glitch lambeth 16North of the previous one, between a building with a wooden platform and a tall tree. Jump off the platform and onto the branch of the adjacent tree.
17helix glitch lambeth 17North of the previous Glitch. Climb to the roof of the house closest to the tree, then jump toward the tree’s center while aiming for the low branch that is sticking up in the air.
18helix glitch lambeth 18Climb up the covered single chimney of the house adjacent to the factory, then aim your Rope Launcher at the roof between the factory windows in the path of the Glitch. Zipline across and nab the Glitch in midair.
19helix glitch lambeth 19Climb to the top of Lambeth Asylum’s clock tower, then leap down into the pile of leaves on the lower roof close to the door that leads into the tower.
20helix glitch lambeth 20Climb to the top the tower to the south of Lambeth Palace and perform a leap of faith to snag the Glitch as you’re falling down into a pile of leaves in front of the steps.


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