How to unlock additional character in AC Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate features an additional character besides Evie and Jacob. Her name’s Lydia, and she’s Jacob’s granddaughter.
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Her adventures will take you to World War One London, where you’ll be performing tasks given to you by none other than Winston Churchill. In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock this secret character in AC: Syndicate

AC Syndicate has a secret female character Lydia Frye

How to play as a secret character in AC: Syndicate

To step into the shoes of Lydia Frye, you’ll need to start a hidden mode that becomes available during Sequence 6, about 15 hours into the game. This secret mode will transport you to London in the First World War, but to start it you’ll need to go to the fast travel portal hidden in the middle of the Thames, on the easternmost edge of London. To see its exact location, consult the map below. The portal will transport you several decades into the future, where you’ll be able to perform several different missions, the most interesting of which is shooting down German aircraft from London’s skyline.

How to play World War 1 mode in AC Syndicate
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