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The Master Assassin Reward Pack is a bonus everyone who bought the Gold Edition of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is getting. It has to be activated through an external website in order to receive the items, and many people are having problems with it.
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This guide will show you how to redeem the master assassin pack code in AC Syndicate.

master assassin pack redeem code

Master Assassin Pack Code Issues

The code you got with your Gold Edition should be redeemed on the AC Rewards site:
  1. Log in
  2. Go to the Activities tab
  3. Scroll down and choose Bonus Code Redemption
  4. Enter your code and click Redeem
You should receive 3000 credits, which you can use to unlock other rewards. This doesn’t activate the Master Assassin Pack itself, however. To do this, you’ll have to.
  1. Run the game
  2. Choose Ubisoft Club from the main menu
  3. Pick More Rewards
  4. Look for the Master Assassin Reward Pack (it should be listed as free)
  5. Claim it
When you enter the game and try to change outfits, you should see Edward Kenway (Jacob’s outfit) and Shao Jun (Evie’s outfit) in the options.

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  1. R
    Ruben Felix Ortiz

    when I go to the web it doesn’t have any of the filters you describe. I’ve let the page sit over night to maybe wait for a slow load but nothing, Just the spin wheel and a black screen under it?

  2. J

    When I click on Master Assassin Reward Pack, although it says free, it won’t let me toggle over to claim it, says I need 7200 reward points? This is supposed to come free with the Gold Edition??

    1. J
      John Dao

      I get the same message, I probably wont use it much, but still its supposed to be free, 7200xp points they claim, so ive played AC, AC2, AC2 brotherhood, AC3, AC black flag, and unity (didnt play the templar one with the shane guy but i bought a ps3 again to do so) and still dont have enough xp to play with the free robes!!! if you find a way around it, please advice

  3. D

    Here’s what I posted on another web-site:

    I finally got my reward. Let me explain.

    You go to

    Sign in, or create an account.There should be a box that says “Bonus Code Redemption”. Click on that and put in your code. It confusing, but the 250 point Master Assassin Pack isn’t your bonus. It has the same name, but it’s different. It gives weapons, and all you need is credits to unlock it. The other Master Assassin Pack gives you Kenway’s outfit for Jacob, and Shao Jun’s outfit for Evie.

    To get your bonus, you need to start the game after you redeemed your code. You also need to have at least started sequence 1. If it’s a new game, it will skip over the start menu where you continue your game from, and where the Ubisoft Club link is at.

    From the start menu click on Ubisoft Club. From there click on “more rewards”. It should be in the center of your screen. It’s kind of small. It will show the Master Assassin Pack at the top. It will show it’s free, but it will most likely be locked. If you click on it, it will show how many XP you need to unlock it.

    You can see how many points you have, and how many points you need, by clicking the link on the bottom left of the page. It says “Assassin’s Creed Universe”. This shows the games you own, and how many XP you’ve earned in each game.

    I had 7 of 11 games, and need 7,200 points to unlock the Master Assassin Pack.

    On another topic, someone said you could start your other AC games and they would possibly add points to your total needed. I put AC2 into my Xbox, and continued from my last save. I exited the game and put Syndicate in my PS4. I navigated back to the AC Universe tab. It showed my points needed dropped from 7,200, to 800. I repeated the process with AC Brotherhood. This brought me down to only 50 points needed. I then finished sequence 2 in Syndicate. This gave me enough points to unlock the reward, with 350 points to spare.

    I hope this helps, and my instructions were clear enough to follow.

    They really need to work on that reward web-site. I also had problems unlocking my Amazon pre-order bonus. I was supposed to give me 10,000 credits to spend on the rewards web-site, but when I put in my code, it said it was invalid. I contacted Amazon, and they sent another code. This one also said it was invalid.

    It turns out that I was putting the code in the wrong redemption box. You need to scroll down and click on “view all activities”. Then click on “filter activities”. From here you click on the “Shop” tab. This brings up several pre-order boxes from different stores. I clicked on the one from Amazon, and this time the code worked. I got my 10,000 credits.

    Why do they have to make things so cryptic?


    1. K

      BRO!! good looking out on that amazon thing..thanx

    2. A
      A Crafty Bugger

      There is no “Bonus Code Redemption” bit for me when I try to find it. It is soooooooooo annoying!

  4. E

    So I purchased with credits one of the outfits and accidently hit OK twice, closing the little pop up window that had my redeem code on it. I can’t find it anywhere now and attempting to re-purchase just tells me I’ve ordered the maximum quantity. Where do i go?

  5. J

    @Eric, I think you should contact Ubisoft about this.

  6. R

    Took 3 hours to get profile to be accepted then I had trouble getting it to accept me on the game itself. Guess what it was locked! Total BS! Xboxone continually has errors on loading codes etc. It is the same all around not just AC! Oh and good luck trying to unlock the console without a computer nearby. Seems someone failed to address these flaws before releasing it to consumers. Fix things PLEASE!!!!!!

  7. S
    Sam Pelletier

    For me, it keeps telling my that “I cannot access this content at this time.” What do I do?

  8. M
    Mitchell Hendricks

    Derek you are so fukll of shit you must eat it for breakfast daily there is NO such tab or anywhere to redeem master assassin pack

  9. K

    I got “This program is no longer active.” You suck, Ubi.

  10. K

    As KD said, this is no longer active. The site no longer exists. Typing in the link instead redirects you to

    There is no place to enter a code in on that site. So if you still have an unused code, its worthless.

  11. J
    Joanna Simms

    Master reward- I downloaded assassin creed syndicate gold edition on ps4 so I don’t have a redeem code but my xp are 5550 xp so I don’t know how to get the reward as I thought it comes with the game , please help as I like to get the reward ?

  12. Hiya, it Joanna again I downloaded assassin’s creed syndicate gold edition on ps4 from ps network so I don’t have the reddem code and I have 5830xp so I don’t know how to get the master assassain pack to unlock after completing it 100% it a question I need to ask but what if I start the game all over again but still keep my profile saved memory do you think that will help me because I still have to complete a piece of cake and perfectionist still? Please help me with email me back.

  13. W

    I contacted Support under Activation Key/Redeem Code and told them I bought the gold edition and could not find a place to redeem it. I gave them the code in the appropriate box and a few hours later they said they had unlocked the Master Assassin’s Pack in Uplay.

  14. C
    Charlie Powell

    What the heck when I go to the rewards page I can’t find the rewards box thing anywhere

  15. D

    I don’t know how to get to the assassins creed rewards site can anyone help me better

  16. L
    Lilium Alice Darkat

    So I have the God additional assassin‘s creed syndicate it gives me the code for the master assassin pack but when I go onto Ubisoft club Right where it says rewards it tells me I have redeemed eight out of eight and it gives me checkmarks for all of them so I am guessing I have all of the rewards without having to buy them and I don’t understand

    1. L
      Lilium Alice Darkat

      Sorry me again Gold addition not God addition

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