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Next Stop: Murder! is a Dreadful Crime in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. A body has been found on the bank of the Thames, and you’re the one who has to solve the mystery.
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In this guide we’re going to show you how to solve Next Stop: Murder! in AC: Syndicate.

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Talk to the worker to start the investigation
Use your Eagle Vision at each investigation area to unlock clues and suspects. Once you’re done with the investigation, you have to make an accusation – but beware, accusing the wrong person will give you less money and XP.

This investigation doesn’t start with Artie and Henry Raymond; you’ll instead have to meet a worker in the Lambeth borough, near the Thames. He’s on the corner south and across the street from Lambeth Palace.


Accusing the right person will get you:
  • XP: 1000
  • £: 2500

Step #1: Riverbank

Head southwest and jump across the wall down to the riverbank

  1. Body – near a small dock, in the mud.
  2. Coat – to the left of the place you landed when you jumped over the wall, it is directly under the rail bridge.
  3. Pocket Watch – climb up to the rail bridge and head right. You’ll find it near the edge of the bridge.
  1. Vagrant – under the rail bridge. Ask him about Body, Shelter, and Midnight.
  2. Trainmaster – the Vagrant will point you to the Trainmaster, so run to Victoria Train Station and find him near the north stairs. Speak with him about train 616. After that, you’ll have five new investigation areas open, so check your mini-map.

Step #2: Sleeper 1

Race east to the train before it leaves the station.Clues:
  1. Letter – on a seat on the right side of the train.
  2. Derringer – on the floor on the left side of the train
  1. Sam – inquire about Last Evening and Killian.
  2. Angus Wolf – ask him about Last Evening, Valet, and Killian.

Step #3: Sleeper 2

  1. Handbag – on the floor next to the suspect.
  2. Note – on the other side of the suspect and close to a door.
  1. Vivian – ask her about Last Evening, Killian, Letter from Sister, and the Note.

Step #4: Passenger Carriage

  1. Shoe – on the roof of the passenger carriage.
  1. Luke – in the corner far to the right in the passenger carriage. Ask him about Midnight.

Step #5: Restaurant Carriage

The Restaurant car is comprised of two parts: the first has no clues, just one suspect; the second has three clues and one suspect.

  1. Sleeping Pills – next to the entry door, on a corner shelf.
  2. Newspaper – on a chair at a dining table
  3. Pamphlets – on the table on the right
  1. Ryan – near the exit of the first car. Ask him about Pills, and the Scheme.
  2. Peter – at the end of the second car. Speak with him about Last Evening, Killian, and Vivian.
Spoiler Alert: DO NOT read on if you want to figure out who did it yourself.

Step #6: Accuse

You won’t have to go anywhere to make the accusation. Peter is the killer; he did it because he lost his job to the growing mechanization of industry.

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