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Skulls are modifiers in Halo 5: Guardians that add challenges to the game. They are well hidden collectibles scattered throughout many missions.
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Skulls can add modifications to the gameplay or change player’s and enemy’s abilities. During co-op gameplay any unlocked collectibles including skulls will be granted to all players present at the time. Collecting skulls unlocks two achievements: Gravedigger and Gravelord.

In the video below you can find all 13 confirmed Skulls available in Halo 5:Guardians and their effects.

IWHBYD Skull – Osiris Mission 1

Effect: Rare combat dialog becomes more common
Location: After the battle against Prometheans, instead of going into the structure, turn left and jump onto the cliffs.

Black Eye Skull – Blue Team Mission 2

Effect: Shields do not recharge until you melee enemies
Location: In the upper corner of the Reactor Room (0:39s video).

Iron Skull – Glassed Mission 3

Effect: Cannot revive/be revived
Location: You can get it only during the legendary difficulty. You have to take a tank and shoot the Phaeton Chasing the Mining Cargo. Restart Checkpoint if you miss. The skull will spawn in one of three locations. (1:37s video).

Blind Skull – Unconfirmed Mission 5

Effect: HUD and first-person arms/weapon hidden
Location: In the first underground mine section, once you go through the door, turn left and jump onto crates, then onto huge pipes. Follow the metal construction and you’ll find Blind scull in the secret room.

Thunderstorm Skull – Evacuation Mission 6

Effect: Enemy abilities upgraded
Location: This skull requires a trigger that can be found at the very beginning of the mission. You have to grab a Mongouse, destroy 5 construction cones during the initial evacuation to collect the skull at the end of the mission. (6:05s video)

Grunt Birthday Party Skull – Reunion Mission 7

Effect: Head shot a grunt for a surprise
Location: When you first come across Covenant, turn right into the tunnel and keep right. Push Grunt off the edge and get Grunt Birthday Party Skull.

Fog Skull – Reunion Mission 7

Effect: Motion sensor is disabled
Location: At the very end of the level instead of approaching the bridge turn right, then turn left up the hill. The Fog skull is at the end of the metal structure.

Mythic Skull – Swords of Sanghelios Mission 8

Effect: Increased enemy health
Location: While you are exiting Sanghelios ruins turn right and get on top of the archway. Go to in-game settings and make sure you have “Maintain Sprint” on. (10:21s video)
mythic skull location halo 5
Mythic skull location

Catch Skull – Enemy Lines Mission 10

Effect: Enemies are grenade happy
Location: At the very end of the mission, fly to the Kraken. Take the entrance to the left and go down until you see a glowing green walls and a Banshee. Take the Banshee, go back in and fly upon the ledge. (11:10s video)

Cowbell Skull Battle Sunaion Mission 12

Effect: Acceleration from explosions increased
Location: At the end of the mission go to the very edge and jump down onto the rail. You will see the skull to your left.(12:44s video)

Famine Skull The Breaking Mission 14

Effect: Weapons drop less ammo

Tough Luck Skull Guardians Mission 15

Effect: Enemies berserk, always dive, and never flee
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