Street Sweeping Achievement / Trophy | AC: Syndicate

Street Sweeping is a trophy in AC: Syndicate. It is one of five secret achievements in the game, and its successful acquisition will give you 30 achievement points (or Silver Trophy). In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Street Sweeping Achievement in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

ac syndicate street sweeping achievementTo get the achievement, you need to conquer all of London’s boroughs. There are seven boroughs in total, each ruled by a different gang – taking them all means engaging, and successfully winning, in Gang Wars against all the seven ruling gangs. When you become the undisputed master of London by taking over the territories of all the rival gangs, the Street Sweeping trophy will be yours.

Gang War #1: Rexford Kaylock2WhitechapelFight Rexford Keylock’s gang and conquer Whitechapel. It’s a 10v10 brawl with the Blighters, that ends with the fight with Rexford Keylock on top of a moving train. £164
200 XP
Adept Cane-sword
Rexford Kaylock’s train

We will add more information as we progress through the game.

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    What else do we get I just got this award and also got something else but did not see what it was.

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