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The Most Hated Man in London is a Dreadful Crimes murder mystery in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. It revolves around a man whose demise was sought by everyone who knew him.
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It’s up to you to find out who actually delivered the killing blow. This guide will help you solve The Most Hated Man in London.

Use Eagle Vision at each site to locate clues that will help in your investigation. Bear in mind that you’ll get less money and XP if you accuse the wrong person at the end of your investigation.


Accusing the right person will get you:
  • XP: 1000
  • £: 2500
Meet with Artie and Henry Raymond at an industrial yard in the southeastern part of the City of London. Apparently, the most hated man in London has just been crushed by a crate…

Step #1: Street

  1. Mr. Wilkins’ Body – a block east from where you met with Artie and Henry. It’s lying on the sidewalk.
  2. Ashton’s Agenda – next to the body.
  3. Watch – next to the agenda.
  4. Crate – on top of Mr. Wilins’ Body.
  5. Tracks – on the sidewalk before the body, from the direction you came.
  1. Dr. Chester – on the corner of the street, near the footprints. Ask him about Ashton, the Puncture, and his Pallor.

Step #2: Construction site

  1. Crane – climb over the wall next to the body, you can’t miss it.
  2. Handbill – behind the shack at the back of the site.
  1. Eddie – inquire about Ashton, Crane, and the Crushed Arm handbill.
  2. Frank – the one closest to the crane. Ask him about Ashton, 1:17pm, and the Crane.

Step #3: Apple Stand

Follow the tracks from Mr. Wilkins’ body, back the way you came from.

  1. Apple – on the sidewalk, just past the carriage parked on the street.
  1. Mrs. Ashton – the first person you run into once you’ve passed the carriage. Ask about Ashton and Hair.
  2. Apple Seller – inquire about Ashton.

Step #4: Pub

Use your Eagle Vision to follow the tracks north to a pub.

  1. Newspaper – on the table to the left of the entrance.
  2. Revolver – in a basket on the floor, past the table with the newspaper.
  1. Mr. Hendricks – nearest to the front door of the pub. Inquire about Ashton, Sabotage, and the Gun.

Step #5: Pharmacy

Head north from the pub, then turn left at the next intersection. The Pharmacy is just behind the parked carriage.

  1. Medicine Box – on the pavement next to the parked carriage.
  2. Pharmaceutical Cabinet – immediately to the left of the entrance.
  3. Letter – in the back right corner of the shop, on the lower shelf of a cabinet.
  1. Mr. Reese – ask him about Ashton, Mary, and the Letter.
  2. Mary – speak with her about Ashton.
Spoiler Alert: DO NOT read on if you want to figure out who did it yourself.

Step #6: Accuse

Go back to the Apple Stand and accuse Mrs. Ashton of murder. She killed her husband with a knitting needle because he had had an affair with Lucy, the pharmacy assistant.

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